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Partially cooked squid inseminates woman’s mouth

The 63 year old suffered “severe pain” and a “prickling, foreign body sensation” in her mouth after taking a bite of the partially cooked seafood, according to a study published in February in the Journal of Parasitology.

The unidentified woman spit the squid out immediately, according to the report, but not before the cephalopod injected its sperm bags into the mucous membranes of her tongue and cheek.

She went to the hospital, where doctors apparently found a dozen “small, white spindle shaped bug like organisms” which they believed to be parasites in the woman’s mouth.

Researchers later determined that the organism were sperm bags not parasites.

They believe that the bags were discharged as the woman chewed.

The bags are ejaculatory apparatuses that slowly release sperm when attached to a female’s body, according to Fairfax New Zealand News.

This isn’t the first reported case of a squid trying to inseminate a human mouth. Several people in Japan have complained of oral stings after chowing down on the seafood, the news site reports.

Dana Staaf of the blog “Squid A Day” said that most calamari lovers have no reason to freak out.

Most Western squid preperation removes the internal organs of the cephalopod or boils the seafood long enough to kill the sperm bags.

Editor’s Picks Conflicts of interest brewing at charter schools In July, the board of trustees at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls met after school shut down for the summer without informing parents and voted to hire a new business manager. The new manager was a member of the board, records show.

Yankees Insider: Tex can’t leg it out MILWAUKEE Mark Teixeira’s wrist hasn’t given him any trouble, evidenced by his six home runs in the past 12 games. His legs? That’s another story.

Nets: No fear of King It’s the old philosophy against LeBron James: Let him beat you from the outside. Since getting carved up in the paint in Game 1 by LeBron and Co., the Nets have limited Miami’s shots in the paint to 18 in Game 2 and 13 in Game 3. They’ve made a concerted effort to keep James away from the basket, and it’s hard to argue with the results in their Game 3 romp.

Lawrence: Pierce’s message scores with Brooklyn Paul Pierce doesn’t do math like the rest of us. He’s got the Nets playing in a Game 7 Monday christian louboutin outlet night against the Heat, when everyone knows it’s really only Game christian louboutin outlet 4 of the second round playoff series.

Mets Insider: Familia could get closer job The Mets may have found a closer, and he’s not an aging pitcher like Jose Valverde and Kyle Farnsworth. Following Sunday’s 5 4 win over the Phillies, Terry Collins said 24 year old Jeurys Familia was “close” to getting a shot in the ninth inning.

Men of Steal: Ellsbury, Young ride express trains into Subway Series Jacoby Ellsbury loves the feeling that everyone in the ballpark knows he’s going to try to steal and he swipes the base anyway. Eric Young Jr. says taking off from first puts him into a “zone out” state where he can’t hear anything until the umpire’s safe or out call.

Madden: Improbable comeback just the inspiration for Subway Series Bring on the Yankees! And while we’re at it, bring on Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom as well.

Isola: City thinking dynasty after latest title Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as Manchester City’s Premier League title two years ago, but the feeling around the Etihad Stadium was the same as fans dressed in light blue stormed the field at the final whistle.

Mass. church spared from boulder’s wrath (VIDEO) A pastor is claiming divine intervention after a behemoth boulder cast forth during a construction blast nearly gutted a Massachusetts church.

Graffiti vandal nabbed for painting tag in three locations Joseph Guilfoyle, 43, was busted May 5 for painting his tag, SOE, on the FDR Drive at E. 72nd St. and on the Harlem River Drive at E. 125th St. and 159th St., police said.

Kerr near deal to become new Knicks coach: source Steve Kerr is inching closer to finalizing a deal to become the next head coach of the Knicks, according to a source close to the TNT broadcaster.

Spirit of St. Louis! Marty scores on emotional night as Rangers force Game 7 At home on Mother’s Day, Martin St. Louis put one home for mom, and the Rangers for christian louboutin outlet ced a Game 7 with a spirited 3 1 Game 6 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Garden.

Donald Sterling begs for forgiveness in CNN interview Billionaire bigot Donald Sterling is finally begging for forgiveness, saying he’s “entitle christian louboutin outlet d to one mistake” despite a long history of racial charges against him. The Los Angeles Clippers owner broke his silence Sunday to grovel for a second chance, 12 days after being banned from the NBA for life for a racist rant caught on audiotape.

Wu Tang rapper explains why he cut off penis A combination of depression, marijuana, and a book about monks and vasectomies led a Wu Tang clan affiliated rapper to cut off his penis and jump off a second story balcony in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Man dies day after E. Village attack; suspect wanted A 68 year old man who was beaten on a street in Alphabet City on Friday night died of his injuries the following day, police said.

Washington Monument to reopen for first time in 3 years WASHINGTON More than 150 cracks have been repaired, rainwater leaks have been sealed, and the 130 year old Washington Monument will reopen Monday for the first time in nearly three years since an earthquake caused widespread damage. The memorial honoring George Washington has been closed for about 33 months for engineers to conduct an extensive analysis and restoration of the 555 foot stone obelisk that was once the tallest structure in the world.

Jeter set to take part in final Subway Series When Derek Jeter and the Yankees took the field for the first Subway Series back in 1997, the edict from George Steinbrenner was simple: Win.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ storms off ’60 Minutes’ set The Wolf of Wall Street can still howl. Jordan Belfort, the swindling stockbroker portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in a blockbuster biopic, exploded during a sit down interview for Australia’s ’60 Minutes’ before storming off the set.

Boy Scouts rescued injured NBC journalist Ann Curry There’s a badge for that. The scouts of Troop 368 had no idea that the injured hiker they carried down Harriman State Park’s Bear Mountain with a crafted splint and stretcher was television journalist Ann Curry.

christian louboutin outlet Partial thromboplastin time

Partial thromboplastin time

partial thromboplastin time (PTT) or activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT or APTT) is a performance indicator measuring the efficacy of both the “intrinsic” (now referred to as the contact activation pathway) and the common coagulation pathways. Apart from detecting abnormalities in blood clotting,[1] it is also used to monitor the treatment effects with heparin, a major anticoagulant. It is used in conjunction with the prothrombin time (PT) which measures the extrinsic pathway. Kaolin cephalin clotting time (KccT) is a historic name for the activated partial thromboplastin time.[2]Blood samples are collected in tubes with oxalate or citrate to arrest coagulation by binding calcium. The specimen is then delivered to the laboratory. In order to activate the intrinsic pathway, phospholipid, an activator (such as silica, celite, kaolin, ellagic acid), and calcium (to reverse the anticoagulant effect of the oxalate) are mixed into the plasma sample. The time is measured until a thrombus (clot) forms. This testing is performed by a medical technologist. Shortening of the PTT is considered to have little clinical relevance, but some research indicates that it might increase risk of thromboembolism.[3] Normal PTT times require the presence of the following coagulation factors: I, II, V, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. Notably, deficiencies in factors VII or XIII will not be detected with the PTT test. APTT may indicate:

Sepsis coagulation factor consumption

Presence of antibodies against coagulation factors (factor inhibitors)

To distinguish the above causes, mixing tests are performed, in which the patient’s plasma is mixed (initially at a 50:50 dilution) christian louboutin outlet with normal plasma. If the abnormality does not disappear, the sample is said to contain an “inhibitor” (either heparin, antiphospholipid antibodies or coagulation fac christian louboutin outlet tor specific inhibitors), while if it does correct a factor deficiency is more likely. Deficiencies of factors VIII, IX, XI and XII and rarely von Willebrand factor (if causing a low factor VIII level) may lead to a prolonged aPTT corre christian louboutin outlet cting on mixing studies.

Laboratory findings in various platelet and coagulation disorders (V T)Vitamin K deficiency or warfarinNor christian louboutin outlet mal or mildly prolonged.

christian louboutin outlet Partial Tax Deferred Exchanges

Partial Tax Deferred Exchanges

Back in the day I used to teach after tax cash flow analysis to house agents wanting to venture over to what they often referred to as the Dark Side. It was spread over a few classes, one of which was the bottom line effect of tax deferred exchanges. Usually there was an investor or two in the class. Without exception they were more than mildly surprised, sometimes chagrined to learn 1031 exchanges weren analogous to being pregnant. What? Huh? They thought you either executed an exchange or you didn in the same sens christian louboutin outlet e you can be partially pregnant. You either are, or you not.

Reason: You may wish to withdraw some cash from the exchange proceeds paying the capital gains tax. This is known as taking You may want cash, not now, but in the near future, yet still want/need to exchange some/most of the property equity, tax deferred. Y christian louboutin outlet ou willing to pay the capital gains tax on the future gain (cash received).

Reason: You have the ability to offset a portion of the gain you deferring through the exchange. Maybe a capital loss, or unused depreciation sittin on the shelf.

Here a partial tax deferred exchange we executed for a client. It was one of the fun ones.

First, let take a look at what the client needed to happen along with the facts of his situation at christian louboutin outlet the time.

He was nearing retirement from his $185,000/yr job, having planned it for the early summer of 2004. It was October of 2001 when we began to set the wheels in motion for this transaction.

His net equity was roughly $300,000.

He wanted a christian louboutin outlet n immediate $50,000 in cash from the proceeds tax free if possible.

Though retiring in 2004, an EIUL wouldn begin to pay out 2006. He wanted a few years of supplemental income to augment his real estate cash flow then.

Here how I structured the transaction

1. Split 30% down payment 20% at closing, with the remainder in the new tax year just 30 days later.

2. Owner financing this killed three birds. First, it allowed for the second installment of the down payment through a principal pay down in the note. Second, it reduced the taxes on that second payment because of it timing the new tax year mentioned earlier. Third, it provided the supplemental income he wanted while waiting for his tax free EIUL income to commence.

3. Really a bonus derived from 2. The note was due and payable in the summer of 2006 a year when his taxable income would be very low, relatively speaking.

The timing was exquisite, as it was the end of the calendar tax year, and perfect for splitting up any gains into two tax years. We did this by employing a split down payment. The 30% down payment was split into an initial 20% at closing, followed a month later (A new calendar tax year.) by the remaining 10%. The latter was in the form of a principal pay down in the financing my client carried back.

The net proceeds from the down payment/new senior loan was dutifully exchanged, tax deferred.

When the note balance was paid off in 2006 (and right on time), my client, then 64, added $15,000 of it to his cash reserves, which had already been impressive, and immediately bought a separate EIUL which he planned to let simmer at least a decade for even more tax free income.

To summarize his tax returns in the following years showed the following.

His 2001 return showed a portion of his proceeds were exchanged for more property, all of which was tax deferred.

It also showed a $115,000 note given as part of the purchase price, which was treated as a partial installment sale. He pays taxes on the interest in the year received. The payments were interest only.

His 2002 return showed the receipt of a $45,000 principal pay down on the note. Some of this was treated as return of capital and not treated as gain. The remainder was treated as gain, and subject to capital gains tax. However, he offset that gain with unused depreciation, eliminating any tax owed. This met his need, (almost) for the $50,000 he wanted immediately. It was $5,000 short, and 30 days later than but he was content.

His 2006 return showed his note paid in full. He was able to offset just under half of the capital gain portion (return on capital) by using the rest of his unused depreciation. His tax bill was much lower than it could been.

None of this happened by itself, as it was part of a pretty detailed Plan. What it illustrates clearly, is what possible when you learn the answers to questions you never knew to ask.

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christian louboutin outlet Partial solar eclipse to grace

Partial solar eclipse to grace Aussie skies this afternoon

But viewers in the north o christian louboutin outlet f the country won be in the box seat, with the greatest coverage happening in the south.Starting at around 4pm, the Sun will slowly transform from a bright r christian louboutin outlet ound disc to a setting cresce christian louboutin outlet nt in some parts o christian louboutin outlet f the country.Dr Tanya Hill, astronomer at the Melbourne Planetarium, told the ABC that although the Moon would cover a significant part of the Sun during the eclipse, most people would see very little change to the daytime conditions.”It will only be if you using the right methods to view to Sun that you actually be able to see that the solar eclipse is happening,” Dr Hill said.While the eclipse will be visible across the country, the greatest coverage will occur in the south, with up to two thirds of the Sun covered by the Moon when viewed from Hobart.In Brisbane, the partial eclipse will start at 4.31pm, and 24% of the sun will be covered by 5.17pm.In Sydney, the eclipse will start at 4.14pm and the sun will be 41% covered by 5.15pm.The partial eclipse is an annular solar eclipse, where the moon doesn completely cover the sun, and the sun forms a thin ring around the moon.However, this won be visible in Australia.Writing on The Conversation website, Ian Musgrave said in some places such as Sydney and Brisbane, the Sun would set during maximum partial eclipse, offering the opportunity to get dramatic images of the crescent sun setting.However, a flat, unobstructed view of the horizon is needed to see the event at its best. Read Full Story

christian louboutin outlet Partial Colectomy Procedure

Partial Colectomy Procedure

This means that a cookie will stay on your computer even when you exit or close your browser which may reduce your levels of privacy and security. You should never select this option if you’re using a publicly accessible computer, or if you’re sharing a computer with others. Even if you select this option there are some features of our site that still require you to log in for privacy reasons christian louboutin outlet .

colon or rec christ christian louboutin outlet ian louboutin outlet tum. Bowel resection can be done for many d christian louboutin outlet iseases that affect the colon, such as colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, or

done either by opening the abdomen (open resection) or byheals. If the lower part of the rectum has been removed, the colostomy isBowel resection may be done to remove cancer or when the colon cannot function normally because of damage or You may need a bowel resection if you have:How Well It Works

christian louboutin outlet Partial Business and Regulator

Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Purpose and intended effect

Background Seed certification is a European Community requirement to ensure that farmers and growers receive seeds of a known minimum quality. This is achieved in Scotland through marketing regulations, which ensure that seeds of the main agricultural and vegetable species can be marketed only after being examined and certified as meeting specified minimum EU standards and as being derived from crops which have also met specific EU variety registration standards.

Objective Charging for services transfers the cost from the taxpayer to the user who benefit directly, giving a fairer distribution of public resources and lowering public expenditure. This means charging for these services at full cost recovery.

Rationale for Government intervention Scottish Government policy for setting fees and charges for all statutory and commercial services is for full cost recovery with charges set accordingly. Scottish Ministers have given their assurance to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee, that the statutory fees charged for seed testing, seed certification, and associated licensed activities should be reviewed on an annual basis. They have reviewed the processes and procedures and have work closely with RPID and the OSTS Scotland to identify cost effective ways of carrying out this work. SASA have provided the cost for undertaking this work and predicted the increases required to make full cost recovery in financial year 2014/15.

Public This partial BRIA will accompany the consultation which will be issued on the 7March2014. The consultation documents will be sent electronically and by post to all interested parties registered with Scottish Government. An electronic copy will also be placed on the Scottish Government website. No informal consultation has taken place.

Business During the consultation period, Scottish Government will meet with a cross section of the seed industry.

Option 2 Increase fees to achieve full cost recovery in financial year 2014/15.

Sectors and groups affected Seed Merchants, Processors and Packers Licensed Seed Testing Stations (LSTS) Licensed Seed Samplers Licensed Crop inspectors Farmers Benefits Option1 no increases to fees. Public money continues to be used to subsidise services that will directly benefit industry.

Option2 Scottish Government achieves full cost recovery and allows for the service to continue at a sustainable level.

Costs Option 1

Scottish tax payers subsidising the agricultural industry, would require additional funding to the agriculture budget. The current cost of providing statutory services for seed marketing is 205,000. In 2013/13 a total of 193,000 was recovered through fees. If this is not addressed, the deficit will increase over each financial year and would see the tax payer subsidising services that should be covered by the industry using it.

Option 2

Will introduce increases of between 0.5 16.7% for the seed industry, to insure full cost christian louboutin outlet recovery and no subsidisation. Scottish Government can produce rough estimates of increased costs on the services they provide, based on the information available to them through the certification system. However, we cannot account for cost that cover labour, fertiliser, agrochemicals, equipment or other overheads that could be associated with producing grain. Grasses costings example (only Scots Timothy grown and Certified in Scotland)

Statutory Service/Function Proposed Fee Fee (per tonne, assuming 10 tonne lot) Init christian louboutin outlet ial Fees 4.25 per ha 3.19 Crop Inspection Fee 18.50 per ha 13.88 Seed Lot Fee 33.00 3.30 Seed Lot Re Entry Fee 35.00 3.50 (not applied) Sampling Fee 50.12 5.01 (not applied) Seed Testing 74.34 7.43 HVS verification 7.00 not applicable Fee cost per tonne 27.80 per tonne. Scottish Firms Impact Test

To get a better idea of what these proposed increases will mean for Scottish individuals / companies, Scottish Government will need to speak to a cross section of the seed industry. Interviews will take place during March/April and our findings will be summarised in the christian louboutin outlet Final BRIA, which will be published christian louboutin outlet along with any responses we receive.

Competition Assessment We do not anticipate any impact on competition however we will update this section after interviews with industry.

Test run of business forms No new forms for business to fill in will be introduced as a result of our proposals.

christian louboutin outlet Partial BRIA on Carrier Bag Ch

Partial BRIA on Carrier Bag Charges

5. The equivalent cost for Wales was 1 million. The estimate for Scotland is derived by up scaling this cost by a f christian louboutin outlet actor of 1.7 to reflect the ratio between the number of retail outlets in Scotland versus Wales (respectively: 23,825 vers christian louboutin outlet us 13,670, sourc christian louboutin outlet e: Skills Priorities for the Retail Sector in Scotland, Skillsmart, 2011).6. As per previous footnote, scaled up by 1.7 from the estimate for Wales of 0.9m.7. This part of the analysis calculates the costs and benefits to customers in a different way from the Welsh Impact Assessment, following a different interpretation of the benefits to consumers of switching their bag use from SUCB to BfL.8. See the section ‘Net costs and christian louboutin outlet benefits’ for further explanation of the NPV approach.10. See ‘Abbreviations and document references’12. See Wales Memorandum, Evidence Base section, paragraphs 129 to 140.

christian louboutin outlet Part Three of our series on co

Part Three of our series on cosmetic surgery He creates beauty in wax and bronze

IN the third part of our series on cosmetic surgery cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, such as the improvement of the appea christian louboutin outlet rance of the face by removing wrinkles or reshaping the nose. , top Beverly

Hills Beverly Hills, city (1990 pop. 31,971), Los Angeles co., S Calif., completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles; inc. 1914. The largely residential city is home to many motion picture and television personalities. surgeon Dr Ronald Matsunaga talks you through nose, eye and lipprocedure, the nose will be broke christian louboutin outlet n and re set, and cartilage cartilage (k flexible semiopaque connective tissue without blood vessels or nerve cells. It forms part of the skeletal system in humans and in other vertebrates, and is also known as gristle. removed.

Most patients go stra christian louboutin outlet ight home. Bruising is common around the eyes, and

you’ll have to wear a plastic cast for a week. Once the cast is

off, it takes four w christian louboutin outlet eeks for the swelling to go.

EYES Surgery around the eyes can make you look younger and feel

more fresh faced. skin is drooping droop

v. To bend or hang downward: “His mouth drooped sadly, pulled down, no doubt, by the plump weight of his jowls” , making them

christian louboutin outlet Part one of a threeDexter

Part one of a three

Dexter Manley walked into a pawn shop one day in 1998 and slapped his 1983 Super Bowl ring on the table. Sweat was dripping down his face. He was desperate, about to be kicked out of his house.

More than a bed to sleep in, though, he needed cocaine, a habit he figures cost him $2 million over the years. He sold the ring for $1,000 and snorted it away abracadabra . green money turned into white powder.

Fourteen years later, at age 53, the 6 foot 3, 250 pounder, who, as a defensive end, made life miserable for NFL quarterbacks such as John Elway, Neil Lomax, Doug Flutie, Danny White and David Woodley, has his ring back.

He has kicked a cocaine habit that sent him on 37 trips to rehab centres. He has been sober for six years.

After reading at a Grade 2 level throughout much of his early adult life, he can read and write, tossing words such as intrepidation and dichotomy into his sentences.

He has found purpose in a life that was plagued by bad decisions jailed christian louboutin outlet four times at times homeless and hopeless.

He no longer threatens to kill himself. Manley reportedly called 911 more than 20 times to keep from hurting himself, and once was talked off the ledge of his apartment.

He doesn drive expensive, fast cars or expensive, fast women. He had 103.5 sacks during his 11 year NFL career. He was given a $45,000 signing bonus and $60,000 salary in 1981, his rookie season.

was 21 years old, Manley said. watch men driving around in their nice Mercedes Benz. They lived in nice homes and they always had six or seven women around t christian louboutin outlet hem. I was young and fresh and green. You always wanted to fit in with the most popular guys in town. You wanted to be like them. would become like them, and then some.

grew up in a church, Manley said. had a fence around me my whole life. I was thinking, don need God, I was a self made man. I got full of myself. I didn use drugs . until I got to the NFL.

would go out in Georgetown to the bars. One night, it was 1982, a lady asked me about cocaine. I went to her apartment and she came out in high heels and G string panties. I was at the table, chopping up the cocaine, listening to Johnny Taylor. I thought I had really arrived. I thought I was somebody. and champagne became the high life.

But while he was being bad off the field, he was good, damn good, on the field.

In 1986, he had 18.5 sacks, selected to play in the Pro Bowl . while putting much of his salary up his nose. It caught up with him.

By 1989, he had failed his third drug test. In 1991, he failed his fourth.

commissioner wanted to meet me. I had already failed the drug test, Manley said. didn want him to ban me, so I retired. I didn want to face it after all I had worked for. I was devastated that I had to make that announcement on Dec. 12, 1991 that I had to walk away from the game I loved. times, Manley spent time in The Big House. He served 15 months of a four year sentence at Harris County Jail in Houston after pleading guilty for two counts of cocaine possession on Aug. 4, 1995.

remember standing in front of the judge in that orange jumpsuit, Manley said. really wanted to die. I didn want to face it.

were really accessible in Houston. You think you not depressed. You lost your career, your wife is gone, your kids are gone and you still think you on Cloud 9. Cocaine makes you think you still on top of the worl christian louboutin outlet d. I had a brand new 1994 Mercedes Benz 420. I had money when I went to Houston but, in nine months, I was homeless, they repossessed my car, I was living on the doorstep of the YMCA where they run me off. I stayed six or seven months in a hospital. I was a menace to society, in and out of rehab centres. It took me over 15 years to get a one year chip of sobriety. battles in the trenches, trying to outsmart and outmanoeuvre behemoth offensive linemen, were nothing compared to the battle inside, demons that never seemed to go away.

on in this life of addiction if the sun came out, if it was a beautiful spring day, if it was close to the weekend, driving in my $60,000 $70,000 car with Luther Vandross or another R and B singer playing in the background . those were all triggers for me, Manley said. brought it all back. I was in another place. I was in denial.

need to have conviction. You have to have courage. It wasn easy to say no. You meet some new chick, a beautiful lady. And you think sex, drugs and rock and roll, all over again.

though my value system went all agains christian louboutin outlet t that. When I was that black boy in the Baptist church, I never thought this could ever happen. All of a sudden it was happening. I got caught up in it. cocaine? Why use?

first time you try cocaine, it a euphoria feeling, Manley said. keep chasing that feeling. Chasing and chasing. And you never going to get that feeling again.

Houston, it was an $8,000 a week habit for me. I wasn making that kind of money. And that why I was on the street. Manley talked about getting clean, about turning his life around and living up to promises long unfulfilled, his wakeup call came June 17, 2006.

was a Friday night. I was driving my car and I was delusional, he said.

police pulled me over. I was out of it. I had used drugs a couple of days before. The police officer looked at me and said I had to get to the hospital. He got on his walkie talkie and told a rescue squad to pick me up and take me to the hospital. had a colloid cyst the size of a quarter, his brain was swelling. The surgery lasted 12 hours.

that surgery, the doctor, (wife) Lydia and me went to lunch one day. He said to me: you going to be better now. I don think you ever use drugs again. was so afraid I was going to die. It scared me straight. I got 90 days clean, then four months clean, then six months clean . it just kept on going. I changed my whole life. I let God continue to use me. Manley is a changed man.

christian louboutin outlet Part Of Pittsburgh’s ‘Steel Cu

Part Of Pittsburgh’s ‘Steel Curtain

Greenwood means just one member of one christian louboutin outlet of the National Football League’s greatest defensive lines is still with us.

Greenwood, 67, died of kidney failure at Pr christian louboutin outlet esbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, the city’s Post Gazette reports.

Greenwood, “Mean” Joe Greene, Dwight White and Ernie Holmes formed the front line for what became known as the “Steel Curtin” defense christian louboutin outlet during the Pittsburgh Steelers’ glory years in the 1970s. The team won four Super Bowl titles in six years.

Holmes was killed in a January 2008 car crash. White died in June 2008 at the age of 58, after having “suffered a pulmonary embolism after routine back surgery,” according to the Pittsburgh Tribune christian louboutin outlet . Greene turned 67 last week, and was a Steelers special assistant for pro and college personnel until May of this year.

The Post Gazette adds that “nicknamed ‘Hollywood Bags’ and known for wearing golden shoes, Mr. Greenwood quickly established himself with the Steelers [after being drafted in 1969]. In 1971, he had five fumble recoveries, which tied for the NFL lead. In 1974, he posted a career high 11 sacks.”