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Parents Attend Mayor’s Back to School Festival

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Sunday thousands of Metro school parents and students came out for the 10th Mayor First Day Festival.A few hours after the event christian louboutin outlet > christian louboutin outlet started about 15,000 people had come through. The event is part of the 10th annual Mayor First Day Festival. Students got free book b christian louboutin outlet ags and schools supplies. Several non profit groups were there to provide parents with advice and help with the new year.Some parents said even though Metro School district students scored better test scores this past school year, there is still a lot of work to do. Many say this event gives the students the supplies and confidence they need, and this event is a huge help during the tough economic times.”I out of work and I got three young ladies and this has helped me very very much. Thank you to the mayor and the city of Nashville,” said parent Henry Bryant.There was also a free Back to School Party for Nashville high school students until 8:00 Sunday evening at Rocket Town in downtown Nashville.The first day of school for Metro students is this Friday. It will be a half day for all students. more>>A Nashville man has been accused of attempted murder and arson after he allegedly set fire to a local business due to a dispute with an employee. more>>Funeral Services Monday For Former US Sen. MathewsFuneral Services Monday For Former US Sen. MathewsUpdated: Sunday, May 11 2014 5:34 PM EDT2014 05 11 21 christian louboutin outlet :34:36 GMTMuseum Considering Keeping Sinkhole As AttractionMuseum Considering Keeping Sinkhole As AttractionUpdated: Sunday, May 11 2014 4:29 PM EDT2014 05 11 20:29:12 GMTDaily Forecast ExtraDaily Forecast ExtraUpdated: Sunday, May 11 2014 8:08 AM EDT2014 05 11 12:08:05 GMT.

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parents at 2 Keller district schools seek to lift punishment for pranks

KELLER About 50 students and parents from Keller Central High School made a last ditch attempt Friday to overturn the banning of eig christian louboutin outlet ht seniors from today’s graduation ceremony, gathering for a protest at the administration building. However, the soonest those appeals could be heard is Monday christian louboutin outlet . That same day at Timber Creek, some students released rats, crickets, birds and snakes, set off stink bombs and threw balloons filled with baby oil. None of those seniors were banned from graduation, but the district imposed restrictions christian louboutin outlet christian louboutin outlet on some, as well as on other students from Central and Timber Creek. Alvarez said he was standing near a big group of students at the time.”There’s no video evidence, no proof of any of that,” Alvarez said. She said that he was watching the events unfold and that there is no video evidence of his participation. He wrote school board members to try to reverse the ban, calling it retribution, not justice.”This kid Martin is a good student and a good athlete who reads to fourth graders as a reading buddy,” Steele said.

christian louboutin outlet Parents Angry After School Put

Parents Angry After School Put Autistic Son in Bag

they do not my son in that bag what Sandra Baker, of Harrodsburg, Ky., said she thought when she walked down a hall toward a big green bag, with a teacher aide sitting beside it, at her son school, on Dec. 14.

is that you? a voice coming from the bag said.

Christopher Baker, 9, is autistic and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sometimes his school calls Baker, 35, to come to the school to help calm him down, she said.

said he was off the walls, Baker said, describing the call she got relayed by her mother on Dec. 14.

The bag was not mesh; it was opaque cloth, with a drawstring, which was pulled tight, said. Christopher could not see out, she said, adding that he asked out there? before asking, is that you? need to get him out of that bag, now, she told the aide, who struggled to open the bag, according to Baker. startled me: What if he aspirated on food, or a fire broke out? said.

When she met with the principal and another school official after the incident, they answered this question by saying they would have dragged the bag away with Christopher inside, Sandra said with a laugh.

Baker and her husband, Scottie Baker, from whom she separated, said they were dissatisfied with the school district response to this incident.

swept it under the rug, sort of joked about it, Baker said.

She said she and her husband had not received an apology from the teacher who instructed the aide to put Christopher in the bag, which they were promised in the meeting with the principal. The meeting did not include anyone direc christian louboutin outlet tly involved in the incident, Baker said.

They had not been contacted by Mercer County Schools Interim Superintendent Dennis Davis. In a statement, Davis said he couldn comment because of confidentiality laws. employees of the Mercer christian louboutin outlet County Public Schools are qualified professionals who treat students with respect and dignity while providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, in the statement.

Bags are used to calm and control special needs children, the Bakers said, but they are elastic and allow the child to stand, move around and get out if they need to. was like a gym bag, Sandra Baker said.

She said she was told the school had used the bag to try to calm Christopher at least three times in the past, but she assumed he would roll on the bag, filled with balls, using it as a sensory stimulus be inside the bag, with the drawstring pulled. Christopher should have been put in a room the school has for special needs students, not in a public hallway, the Bakers said.

A social worker for the state of Kentucky was investigating the incident, including reviewing surveillance video of the hallway Christopher was in, the Bakers said.

More than 4,500 people have signed an online petition Mercer County improve teacher training and a school ability to handle special needs students.

excited about that, Baker said. don want this to happen to my son or anyone else c christian louboutin outlet hild. It wrong. She is not trying to use the incident to get money, she said.

school shouldn be asking Sandra to do their job, said her husband. if she or I aren available? They need to learn how to christian louboutin outlet handle [situations like these]. Right now, they seem like they have no patience for it.

christian louboutin outlet Parents And Nutritionist Want

Parents And Nutritionist Want Chocolate Milk Out of Schools

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point. The options for kids lunches continue to dwindle with every day a new statistic coming out about childhood obesity.

But Chocolate milk? Really? The Milk Industry is set to launch a new campaign this month, “Raise your hand for chocolate milk” campaign.

Of course someone has to complain about the emphasis on the chocolate milk. Nutritionist and educators feel that chocolate milk is too sugary. The milk industry doesn’t want chocolate milk to garner the same status as the soda. In turn, The National Dairy Council and the Milk Processor Education Program are spending between $500,000 to $1 million to christian louboutin outlet get the message across that chocolate milk is good.

According to the National Dairy Council, “Flavored milk drinkers consume more milk than exclusively white milk drinkers. Offering flavored low fat or fat free milk can help increase milk consumption and boost overall participation in school meal programs.”

christian louboutin outlet As a parent, I serve my kids chocolate milk. We usually flavor Two percent milk, not whole milk, but my kids are far from obese.

The National Dairy Council also state, “Removing flavored milk from schools has been shown to result in a 62 63 percent reduction in milk consumption by kids in kindergarten through 5th grade, a 50 percent

reduction in milk consumption by adolescents in 6th through 8th grades, and a 37 percent reduction in milk

consumption in adolescents in 9th through 12th grades.”

Do we really want to protest this as parents?

A few years back, I taught fifth grade at an inner city school when the big craze happened to remove snacks and sodas from school. It was frustrating. The kids would just get off the bus with whole bags of Fiery Hot Cheetos and two litters of orange christian louboutin outlet soda. Then as a teacher, we were denied sodas because we weren’t as smart as the kids to think ahead and bring from h christian louboutin outlet ome, not to mention the money the PTO failed to take in off of those sales.

Taking stuff out of the school just makes it more appealing to the kids. Chocolate milk is healthy. There is such a thing as taking away too much for kids. Milk is something kids need and if making it a treat is a bad thing, I do not want to be a parent. Flavored milk contains the same nutrients as white milk, except more kids want it.

christian louboutin outlet parents and junior league memb

parents and junior league members assemble bags for needy

Proving that little hands can make a big difference, more than 200 kids, parents christian louboutin outlet and Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills members took part in Kids For Kids, a children volunteer event organized by the league and funded in part by Investor Foundation. The volunteer event took place at the George Bauer Community Center in Taylor Park, Millburn, on Nov. 16.

Together they assembled 1,200 junior league bonus bags contai christian louboutin outlet ning winter essentials and dental care items, which are being distributed to children in Maplewood, Orange and South Orange through the Community FoodBank of New Jersey weekend meal program. Some 500 healthy snack bags were also made for homeless children serviced in afterschool programs by Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County.

In collaboration with Opportunity Project of Millburn and AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, children volunteers were educated on helmet safety and decorated a used helmet collection box. The attendees also worked with volunteers and families from Family Intervention Services of East Orange to create Thanksgiving decorations and drawings filled with warm holiday messages.

Thanks to Deerfield Elementary School in Short Hills, as well as numerous private donors, the event received thousands of donated books which the children sorted, and for which they created handmade bookmarks encouraging reading. Books were delivered to book pantries at Cleveland Street Elementary School in Orange as well as locations in Maplewood and South Orange. The pantries provide books to children who do not have books of their own.

League president Sara D said, For Kids event helps children in need, while teaching others, especially the younger generation, about the benefits of volunteering. This wonderful event also brings together so many other local community groups, and is a great way to spread the good work of volunteerism collectively. event also marked the launch of the league the Volunteers contest for children in grades first through fifth living in the towns of East Orange, Livingston, Maplewood, christian louboutin outlet Millburn, Orange, Short Hills, Springfield, South Orange and West Orange. To further promote volunteerism, winners will be awarded a prize of $100 to put their good ideas to work to help their community. Deadline for entries is Dec. 15.

The event was supported by community individuals and groups including AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, Community FoodBank of NJ, Christ Church Cub Scout Pack 1; Deerfield Elementary School, Short Hills; Essex County Prosecutor Office; Family Intervention Services; Girl Scout Troops 20124, 20898 and 315; Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County; Matt Sia; Millburn High School Key Club; Mothers More, South Orange/Maplewood; Opportunity Project; christian louboutin outlet and The Salvation Army Orange Corps.

The Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills, Inc. is an organization of women developed as civic and community leaders creating lasting community impact. The league provides service to East Orange, Livingston, Maplewood, Milburn, Orange, Short Hills, South Orange, Springfield and West Orange, and reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins.

christian louboutin outlet Parents and babies needed for

Parents and babies needed for sleep research

Researchers at Durham University are looking for parents with babies of up to 6 months christian louboutin outlet old to take part in studies looking at safe and healthy sleeping for babies.

The team from Durham’s Sleep Lab will be testing the effectiveness of baby sleeping bags and bedside cots, which attach to the parents’ bed, at keeping babies safe at night.

So far, no research has been done outside of hospitals to see whether bedside cots are better or worse than standalone cots in keeping babies safe and whether or not they make a positive impact on night time breastfeeding.

The team also wants to test the effectiveness of baby sleeping bags in keeping babies’ body temperatures at a safe level, compared with traditional sheets and blankets. The recommended room temperature for young babies is between 16 20C with light bedding or a light weight sleeping bag as the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or cot death, is higher in babies who get too hot.

Bedside cots and sleeping bags are increasingly used by parents in the UK with some figures suggesting more than 90 per cent of parents use baby sleeping bags.

Pr christian louboutin outlet ofessor Helen Ball, Director of the Parent Infant Sleep Lab at Durham University, said: “Our aim in the Sleep Lab is to provide solid evidence which health professionals and parent christian louboutin outlet s can use to make decisions about how and where babies can sleep safely.

She said: “I took part in the study as I didn’t know very much about the research that had been carried out in relation to baby grow bags and was contemplating putting Ollie in one.

“I was curious as to whether their statements about maintaining baby body temperatures were true and christian louboutin outlet I was also keen to support such a worthwhile study.

christian louboutin outlet Paper Bag GiftsBrowse Arti

Paper Bag Gifts

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysIf you have to take a lunch to work or school, you might as well do it in style. Make personalized o christian louboutin outlet r customized lunch bags for a lucky gift christian louboutin outlet recipient. Brown or white paper lunch bags can be run through your computer printer (for some computers on the 5 inch wide by 8 inch long postcard printing option). Don’t c christian louboutin outlet hoose paper bags with any kind of gloss or protective finish as the ink will s christian louboutin outlet mudge. Ordinary brown or white lunch bags are good choices because the paper is absorbent and takes ink well. Print a person’s name in lines across the bag or select an image that reflects the interests of the person. Place the finished lunch bags into a clear plastic bag and close with a twist tie. Bags can be hand stamped or colored with markers as well.Luminaria, sometimes called luminaries, are a type of lantern or candle holder made from homemade or store bought paper bags and used for holding votive or tea candles outside on tables or as porch decorations. Select a simple line illustration from an inexpensive coloring book or from an online source and trace it onto the bag and cut it out with a craft knife or scissors. Or use a hole punch or skewer and a tin punch pattern to poke holes in the bag to allow light to shine through. Place a candle inside and advise your gift recipient to place the bags onto a site covered with sand or soil. Luminaria are not flame retardant and should be used with caution. Don’t use wax coated bags as the wax might melt.

christian louboutin outlet Paper Bag Christmas Crafts

Paper Bag Christmas Crafts

Paper bags may be the most versatile crafting item available to the busy mom and resourceful housewife. In most cases, it is also freely available when you shop at a grocery store. The brown paper which makes up the bags also add a homey, country touch to Christmas decor. Re purpose this adaptable freebie into old fashioned looking Christmas crafts that will be admired. Paper Bag StockingLarge brown paper bags Fabric scraps Buttons Pinking shears or other decorative edged scissors A hole punch Jute or twine Embellishments such as paint, charms or flat ornaments Hot glue and glue gun Spray adhesive A threaded sewing machine To Make The Stocking Cut the bag open by cutting down one side and cutting off the bottom so that the bag lays flat. Turn the bag, unprinted side up. Fold the bag over 2″ along both short edges to form the cuff of the stocking. Fold the paper in half matching the short sides with the cuffs to the inside. It should look like a book. Starting at the cuff end, draw a stocking shape onto the bag with the toe shape toward the folded side of the paper. Using the pinking shears, cut out the stocking through both layers of paper so that you have 2 matching stocking shapes. Turn the pieces over so that the cuffs are out and match the pieces up. Sew around the outside edge, ” from the edge of the stocking. Cut scraps of fabric to fit the cuffs. Cut coordinating scraps to make half circles at the heel and toe. Use spray adhesive on the back of the fabric pieces and apply to the stocking at the heel, toe, and cuff. Using the glue gun, decorate the stocking as desired with flat ornaments, wooden stars, buttons and fabric bows. Punch holes at the top of the stocking, ‘ from the top edge of the cuff and 3″ apart. Push twine pieces through the holes on both sides so that handles are formed. The stocking can now be hung or used as a gift bag. Paper Bag Snowman PickBrown Paper Bag 2 small twigs for the arms White fabric Scrap fabric to make a scarf Spray adhesive Black fine point marker Small black buttons for eyes, a nose and “buttons” on the bo christian louboutin outlet dy Glue gun and hot glue Heavy wire for pick To Make the Snowman Pick Cut two snowman christian louboutin outlet shapes from the paper bag. For decor or a tree topper, you may want to make it a christian louboutin outlet little larger. For inclusion in an arrangement, or as the center of a wreath, you may wish to have a smaller one. Cut fabric to fit one side of the snowman shape you have just created. Apply it to the front of the snowman using spray adhesive. Hot glue the twigs to the wrong side of the back piece of the snowman to form arms. In the sam christian louboutin outlet e manner, add a heavy wire piece to the bottom of the snowman for use as a pick. Glue the two snowman pieces together, trapping the arms and wire pick on the inside. Glue buttons onto the snowman to form eyes, a nose, and the “buttons” on his body. Use the black marker to make a snowman smile. Cut a scarf shape to fit the size of your snowman. Cut fringes in the ends. Wrap around the snowman’s neck and knot. Add a touch of glue to keep it in place. Reindeer Gift Bag

2 8mm google eyes Metal bottle cap Twist tie twine or jute 2 med twigs for antlers Artificial greenery Red spray paint Hot glue and glue gun One lunch sized brown paper bag Black permanent marker Make the Reindeer Bag Spray the bottle cap red for the reindeer’s nose. Glue the nose and eyes to the center of the bag to make the face. Add a reindeer mouth with the black marker. Place gift in the bag. Gather the bag at the top and use a twist tie to close it. Wrap the twine around the top of the bag, completely hiding the twist tie. Tuck the twigs into the twine and use the hot glue to tack them in place. Tuck a sprig of artificial greenery into the twine, tacking in place with hot glue. The gift is now ready for giving.

Published by Shelly Warmuth

Halloween Crafts: How to Make Paper Bag LuminariesDecorate the path to your door with these fun and easy to make paper bag luminaries!Brown Paper Bag Birthday Party PinataUse an ordinary brown paper bag to make a cool pinata for a young child’s birthday. Product Review: ColdHeat Glue Gun for Crafts Woodworkers and RepairsThe ColdHeat Glue Gun is cordless and protable and durable.

christian louboutin outlet Large volume leukapheresis for

Large volume leukapheresis for peripheral blood stem cell collection in children under 10thinspkg in weight

Large volume leukapheresis for peripheral blood stem cell collection in children under 10 kg in weight

I Martin1, A Albert2, I Alcorta1, J Estella1, S Rives1, T Toll1 and E Tuset1

1Services of Hematology Hospital Sant Joan de D Passeig Sant Joan de D 08950 Espluges, Spain2Services of Surgery, Hospital Sant Joan de D Passeig Sant Joan de D 08950 Esplugues, SpainReceived 22 July 2002; Accepted 22 August 2002.

Peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection in children under 10 kg in weight is certainly a technical challenge. The main concerns for apheresis in these patients are citrate toxicity, high extracorporeal volume, vascular access and patient’s tolerance. This highlights the importance of a recent paper,1 which provides an alternative to apheresis, although it appears limited to very good mobilizers.

The main problem in our opinion is vascular access. At our institution, we insert a central line under general anesthesia in the operating room. We use a 10 F double lumen catheter (PermCath, Palex SA) which is placed at the right atrium entrance through a cutdown in the internal jugular vein. The jugular vein is preserved and hemorrhage around the catheter is prevented by a vascular purse string suture closing the vein opening around the catheter. The apheresis catheter is brought out through a separate skin incision leaving a subcutaneous tunnel. Fixation in place is accomplished by a subcutaneous foam cuff built in the catheter and a skin stitch holding the exterior end to the head skin in a comfortable position. A soft elastic head band holds the double line end from pulling during sudden head movements. This catheter is maintained after apheresis, throughout the transplantation procedure.

To avoid citrate toxicity we maintain an ACD infusion rate of 0.9 ml/min/l of blood volume (BV). Using a standard 12:1 ACD ratio the access flow would be 10.8 ml/min/l of BV. For a patient with a blood volume of 500 ml, as reported by Koristek,1 the access flow would be 5.4 ml/min. To move this flow in the range of 10 ml/min recommended by the manufacturer we reduce the ACD ratio to 24:1. After processing 3 BVs we reduce the ACD ratio to 30:1. To avoid coagulation of the circuit we add heparin (3000 IU/500 ml ACD A) to the anticoagulant bag resulting in a heparin infusion rate of 5.4 IU/min/l of BV (2.7 IU/min in a patient with 500 ml blood volume). Also, we add 5 ml ACD A aseptically to the collection bag to prevent aggregation or coagulation of the product.

The extracorporeal volume of the circuit is approximately 165 ml. To avoid hypovolemia and anemia, at the beginning of the procedure we prime the circuit with reconstituted irradiated and leukodepleted whole blood. The reconstituted blood is prepared at a hematocrit equal to that of the patient and after initial saline priming the procedure is begun by aspiratin christian louboutin outlet g the blood from the blood unit, which is allowed to reach the return line. The procedure is then paused, access and return lines are connected to the patient and the apheresis is then continued aspirating blood from the patient.

Tolerance of children to the tedious and prolonged procedure is good if a comfortable atmosphere is created: in our apheresis unit they are accompanied by their parents, watching TV or a video christian louboutin outlet film, playing with their toys or just sleeping.

Using this approach we have recently performed large volume leukapheresis in three patients under 10 kg. Age, weight, diagnoses, preapheresis WBC and CD34 values and CD34 cells collected are shown in Table 1. The procedures were well tolerated wi christian louboutin outlet th no adverse effects.

In summary, large volume leukapheresis in patients under 10 kg can be safely a christian louboutin outlet nd effectively performed with the COBE Spectra AutoPBSC with minimal technical difficulties.

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Laptop Cooling Pad with No Power

As known to all, as a laptop cooling pad, the most function is to dissipate the heat air away from underneath the notebook computer for cooling down the overall temperature of your system. This laptop cooling pad is very special of its no power and no fan. The pa christian louboutin outlet d applied a kind of macromolecule co christian louboutin outlet ol strong substance, which can automatically form ice crystal in a temperature so as to sto christian louboutin outlet re a large quantity of cool energy. When a computer is placed on it, it can absorb a large amount of heat energy, meanwhile, ice crystal will begin to melt. It is easy to use and its no need of power and fan makes it perfectly fit any notebook computer.

The no need power design makes it convenient to carry anywhere and use anytime when you need. It is safety, environmental protection and durable. If you are a laptop owner, you could never wish to find that your laptop turns to sluggish performance after hours working. So using a laptop c christian louboutin outlet ooling pad is a must have product and this laptop cooling pad is the best choice for its special design.