christian louboutin outlet part of Day 2 of Philly trial

part of Day 2 of Philly trial

Johnson Johnson increased sales of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal by paying doctors to speak about the drug, paying for their golf trips and providing bags of “Risperdal Popcorn,” a former sales manager testified on the second day of a trial in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Bloomberg News reported (link here) that Tone Jones, a former Oklahoma State quarterback, was on the stand for a second day and spoke of the inducements to doctors for prescribing the drug to children from 1998 through 2006, even though the FDA had not approved the drug for use in children during that period.

J faces hundreds of individual lawsuits alleging harm to patients, but it also faces or has paid to settle multiple state and federal cases involving inappropriate promotion of Risperdal. Janssen Pharmaceuticals is the wholly owned subsidiary that makes Risperdal.

The drug was approved in 1993, but only to treat adults with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which have small populations, and that makes generating huge profits difficult. Doctors can legally prescribe anything, but drug companies can’t promote a drug for christian louboutin outlet anything not on the official FDA approved label. The common allegation across christian louboutin outlet all the suits is that Janssen did just that.

Janssen and J deny the allegations.

In this trial, the jury will decide whether J owes money to the family of a 17 year old boy from Texas who christian louboutin outlet was prescribed the drug when he was 5 and started growing breasts at age 12. Judge Mark Bernstein told the jury on Monday he expected the case to last about three weeks.

J attorney Laura Smith had her first chance to cross examine Jones on Tuesday. Bloomberg’s story says Jones acknowledged that he was fired in 2009 by J after approving an expense account that included $2,000 worth of drinks and lap dances at a Houston strip joint. Jones said he sued J He also said he now works for pharmaceutical competitor Sanofi aventis.

Smith also reportedly raised the issue of whether a business plan document that Jones spoke of and the plaintiff’s attorney are using was genuine. She asked if it did not first appear on the blog Pharmalot, which covers the pharmaceutic christian louboutin outlet al business and is produced by former Newark Star Ledger reporter Ed Silverman. Jones said he only saw the document in a business meeting.

christian louboutin outlet part of Continental Precious M

part of Continental Precious Metals investigation

Based on a series of court filings, the upcoming legal battles at Continental Precious Metals Inc. a small mining exploration company with a major interest in a uranium project in Sweden promise to be riveting.

There is a lot of wonderful material in the documents and presumably it can only get better for the company, which has been around since 1987. Last December, following a proxy battle, a new team of directors gained control.

Since then and remembering that Continental had a rare provision whereby directors couldn’t be ousted unles christian louboutin outlet s votes attached to half the shares outstanding attended the annual meeting there has been a flurry of activity. None of the matters or allegations raised in the various filings have been proven in court.

May 2013: Edward Godin, the 70 year old founder files a “constructively terminated” claim against Continental. He seeks $650,000 in damages “for wrongful dismissal and claims arising from the breach of his employment agreement.” At the time of filing that claim, Godin said that his “role as president and CEO is now one of title only. Including HST, Malik, who the statement of defence “is self employed and sells, installs and repairs appliances, and he has, to Continental’s knowledge, no experience in investor relations,” received $189,840.

Godin’s expenses: Over the period 2007 to 2012, Godin, according to the statement of defence, “caused Continental to reimburse him approximately $1.976 million for charges on his personal credit card.” Godin also had a corporate credit card.

When the new board, led by Rana Vig, the vice chairman, requested receipts, Godin provided “two garbage bags full of receipts. These receipts only covered, but did not justify, approximately $314,000 of the $1.976 million, ” said the statement.

The statement of defence said that about one third of the $1.976 christian louboutin outlet million in expenses “were expenses from christian louboutin outlet bars and restaurants, predominantly in Toronto and christian louboutin outlet for alcohol.” About $240,000 was incurred at Toronto’s Akco Lounge. Continental “pleads” that Godin “is a partial owner in Akco Lounge,” a matter that was not disclosed “properly or at all,” to Continental.

christian louboutin outlet Part of Becoming a MotherH

Part of Becoming a Mother

How can you tell if a woman is a mother? Is there a special look in her eyes? Is it in the jeans she is wearing? Can you tell she’s had children by the shape of her body or the twinkle in her eye? Is the sound of her voice forever changed, or is it the way she is constantly looking around a store as if she has lost something (her children) that clearly tips you off? Does pregnancy and childbirth change the aura, manipulate the eyes, or even become evident by a matronly pair of hips?

Truth is, its none of these things. The ea christian louboutin outlet siest way to tell if a woman has had children or not, despite the tired look on her face, is the size of her purse. Before women become mothers, they are often deeply connected to their purses. They have a different bag to match every outfit or occasion and season. These purses are often small, and fit little else besides the necessary glittery kiss friendly lipstick, a cell phone, car keys, and a wallet (that they have no intention on pulling out during a dinner date). And then, wham! A baby is born and suddenly they trade in their stylish, sleek, and sexy purses for the Mom Purse, which could pass as luggage and likely would not make it through customs without a fuss.

The mom purse is perhaps the most defining statement silently made by a woman who has children. The mom purse starts off as a di christian louboutin outlet aper bag, filled with enough diapers and wipes to keep an infant dry for days a time, plus Tylenol and a bulb syringe just in case the baby gets a surprise cold at the grocery store. It also stores freshly washed clothes that smell like baby powder, nail clippers (because you just never know) and some Benadryl and an epi pen in case their baby gets stung by a bee. The smell good hand lotion of yesterday that used to fit into her purse has been replaced with some upscale butt paste ready to be applied at the first sign of a rash. And of course, there is hand san christian louboutin outlet itizer, some fancy ‘schmancy’ diapering pad and a host of other things that a real mama could simply never leave the house without!

As the baby grows, the mom purse grows as well, which means that the vinyl diaper bag of yesterday is traded in for a knapsack, backpack, or upscale bag. If it’s monogrammed, you can best your last dollar that the person holding it is a mother and that inside that bag holds the keys to meeting every single needs of a baby or toddler. You will find a soother or two, a favorite toy that helps to distract a child during checkout, and an extra pair of shoes in case one gets lost along the way. You might even find coloring books and crayons, stuffed animals and pajamas, as well as a tiny blow up toilet that can be used on the road during the all important phase of potty training. Of course, there is still hand sanitizer, face wipes and likely even a personalized bowl, fork and spoon that a baby can use to eat with at a fancy restaurant.

Of course, no mom purse would be complete without books either. This way, even while mom is driving, pushing a cart through christian louboutin outlet a grocery store, or waiting in line at the pediatrician’s office they can feel confident that they are using every opportunity to further their child’s education through a love of books. If you look really hard, you might find that somewhere in the middle of all those toddler books is a gossip magazine that is only pulled out during those random moments that the mom’s child is sleeping.

The worst thing about the mom purse, is that moms don’t leave home without it. Ever! This means that trying to go anywhere on time, is a combination of getting mom and baby dressed as well as packing up the mom purse with enough protein enriched snacks and powdered milk to feed an army should the car break down during a blizzard on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. (Because you know, you never really know what could happen) And the mom purse becomes heavy over time. In fact, it probably isn’t holding the baby that makes a moms back hurt and ache the way it does, but the mom purse (that weighs as much as a tricycle) she slings around as her newfound security blanket.

The mom purse doesn’t contain lipstick anymore and instead is stocked with several different kinds of Chap Stick (all which contain sunscreen). Instead of an extra pair of thigh high panty hose, there are nursing pads and an ugly bra. Her portable bottle of perfume has been replaced by baby powder and the condoms she used to carry in the zippered part of her sexy single woman’s purse are gone. Forever. Replaced by quarters that she can use at the gumball machine to bribe her child through an afternoon of shopping.

So if you really want to know who the moms in this world are, simply take a look at the purses they are carrying. If the darn thing is big enough to fit an entire infant, chances are it’s filled with all the things that she ‘thinks she needs’ to take care of a baby, toddler, or child for one day. And if you ever run out of Kleenex, need some Motrin, or perhaps want to clip off that hang nail that has been driving you crazy all day look no further than the mom carrying the mom purse.

christian louboutin outlet part News Record holiday story

part News Record holiday story

He wrote many others, including “Compliments of the Season,” upon which this modern three part tale is rather loosely based. This is the third and final part of the story.

Her arms are jammed with so many bags of last minute Christmas doohickeys, Ann Jennings must open the back door with her shoulder.

Ann shakes her head. How, how much longer will t christian louboutin outlet his kid be down? Gra christian louboutin outlet nted, he’s had that bare boned hare Fwoppy, he calls him almost since birth. But five days is a long time to mourn a lost toy, even for a bright, sensitive kid.

Maybe she and Bill need to talk to him about loss. Maybe there’s a book about it, she thinks, just as the phone rings.

“Hi, um, my name is Liz. I work at the . the, uh .

“We may have your stuffed animal.”

They walk through a maze of clear bins canned beans, bottled water, blankets. Supplies for street dwelling. Liz turns into an office where an old lady in a tattered peacoat sits.

“Mary,” Liz says, “I believe you christian louboutin outlet have something these people want.”

In her scarred brown hands Mary holds the Holy Grail: a raggedy rabbit, purple limbs long like a tree’s, a line o christian louboutin outlet f lavender thread securing its ear.

“Fwoppy,” Joseph says softly, more relieved than excited.

Gently, Mary hands over the rabbit. Joseph draws him close.

“Joseph,” Bill instructs. “What do you say?”

“He didn’t want to give him back,” Mary says suddenly, pointing into the ether. “But I told him someone was missing that bunny with it being Christmas and all.”

Ann, Bill and Liz stare down at the carpet during a silence almost as long as Christmas itself. Only Joseph looks into her face, his blue eyes seeming to scan each wrinkle.

He asks: “Who are you talking to?”

“Well, we really should be going,” Bill says. “Liz, I thought about what you said about Mary’s reward.”

“Oh, good,” she says, turning to Ann and Bill in the hallway. “The Marriott said we can .”

And the three become consumed in the boring things grown ups discuss, leaving Mary and Joseph in the quiet of the office.

She looks him over, pausing briefly at his light curls, then moving to the threadbare creature pressed to his chest.

“He ever talk to you?” she asks.

Joseph wags his head up and down in that exaggerated way kids do when they want to convey a great big yes.

“Things he says ain’t always nice,” she answers, letting out a noise that’s not quite a cough, not quite a laugh, but definitely loud enough to break the grown ups from their spell.

Ann looks into the office anxiously: “Ready to go home, Joseph?”

Bill steers him out before Joseph can answer. “I’ll meet you guys tomorrow, Liz. We can’t thank you and Mary enough.”

“Yes, thank you so much,” Ann tells Mary, reaching for her hand. “We’re so lucky you saw Bill’s sign. You’ve made his Christmas.”

christian louboutin outlet part des familles vers la banl

part des familles vers la banlieue

Il y a dix ans cette anne, la Ville posait un premier geste pour retenir les familles sur l’le. Ce n’tait pas une rvolution, mais une volution.

Montral tait alors une des dernires municipalits qubcoises s’intresser aux familles, les courtiser, agir pour les attirer et les retenir. Et ce, mme si ces dernires quittaient la mtropole grand rythme pour la banlieue

Pour la petite histoire, Brossard a t la premire ville se doter d’une politique familiale, en 1989. Une ide qui a alors fait boule de neige, au point o 175 autres municipalits et conseils rgionaux choisissaient de l’imiter au cours des sept annes suivantes.

Montral a t plus lente ragir. Elle a commenc par nommer une lue responsable de la famille, en 2003. Puis elle a tranquillement multipli les petits gestes jusqu’ l’adoption, en 2008, de la politique Pour grandir Montral. Elle tait alors une des dernires villes de la province se doter d’un tel document.

Il y a donc dix ans cette anne, l’administration municipale amorait le virage. Un anniversaire qui concide avec l’chance du plan d’action 2008 2012.

Quel bilan tirer de cette dcennie d’actions? Beaucoup de gestes, mais bien peu de rsultats

J’en parle dans une srie de deux ditos (aujourd et je veux poursuivre dans ce blogue la rflexion avec vous aujourd’hui et la semaine prochaine, avec la collaboration de plusieurs des experts qui taient runis hier lors d’une journe de rflexion sur le sujet ( laquelle j’ai particip).

Quel tait l’objectif de la Ville, selon son plan d’action qui est venu chance le 31 dcembre dernier? Rduire le solde migratoire vers la banlieue de 25 % (il tait de 23 827 en 2006 2007, on souhaitait donc le ramener 17 870 en 2011 2012).

Or les derniers chiffres publis il y a quelques semaines montrent que la Ville a chou

Au cours de l’anne 2011 2012, note l’Institut de la statistique du Qubec, Montral a accueilli 40 800 personnes en provenance des autres rgions, mais a vu 61 300 personnes la quitter pour s’tablir ailleurs au Qubec.

Rsultat : les pertes nettes de Montral se chiffrent 20 500 personnes.

Personnellement, j’y vois l de la politique et du plan d de la Ville, pour trois raisons.

1) On n’a pas russi inflchir la tendance la baisse malgr un paquet d’interventions chelonnes sur dix ans.

2) On reste exactement sur la moyenne des dix dernires annes (20 000).

3) On est revenu exactement la case dpart d’il y a dix ans (20 406),

Je vous pose la question : la Ville perd elle son temps essayer de retenir les familles qui quittent vers la banlieue?

C avant tout un problme d Les terrains christian louboutin outlet sont rares au coeur de l ce qui fait qu valent trs chers. cause de cette valeur, les promoteurs construisent soit des condos, qui sont mal adapts aux familles soit des maisons cossues. Cette valeur de terrain se reflte galement dans le march de la revente puisque les maisons existantes se vendent 500 000 $ minimum dans plusieurs secteurs. La solution passe par une forme d dense mais adapte aux besoins des familles, avec par exemple, de grandes terrasses pour palier l de cours. Par ailleurs, je me demande pourquoi toutes les coles primaires sont actuellement en manque d Je prsume que la perte des familles est compense par l de familles composes de 4 enfants et plus.

18 membres d comit de

Des de plan d

Et 6 de la consultation publique assez de gens pour peupler un petit village. Et ca a donn quoi? Des actions? Des grands changements? Des ides nouvelles? Ben non! Un document d platitude terrible qui comprend des (tel que viser une cible je ne l mme pas), des (les parcs c bien! Duh.), des (retenir les famille?), des des et principes directeur et des cls ca a pris au bas mot une soixantaine d de fonctionnaires et de consultants pour pondre un document de 16 pages qui se rsume des vidences qu lve de sixime anne aurait pu numrer: parcs, le transport et les chambres a coucher, c bien

Ma rponse : oui, la Ville perd son temps. Non, ce n pas dsespr. Oui, les ti couples, comme le mien il y a 25 ans, continueront migrer.

Vers la fin des annes je suis parti pour la Rive Sud et j reste encore. Il tait temps pour nous de devenir propritaires, les enfants arrivaient, maison inabordables, taxes leves et christian louboutin outlet les gangs de rues prenaient de plus en plus d sans qu solution se profile. Ceci au moins a chang.

Comme je travaille un peu partout autour de Montral mais jamais dans ses murs je profite plein du rseau routier et des ponts sans laisser ne serait ce qu sou la Ville. Dplorable. Mais croyez vous que je vais me forcer aller y dpenser les fins de semaine ? Faut pas charrier, j tout porte de marche.

Et je continue prier pour qu un seul Montral depuis la rivire des Mille Isles jusqu mont St Bruno, depuis Pointe Aux Trembles jusqu L Perrot. Pour que se cre un rel gouvernement Montral, avec des administrateurs responsables de dossiers (genre ministre) au lieu du fouillis actuel qui soit spare tout en arrondissements, soit centralise les dcision sur le seul bureau du directeur de l un mode qui favorise le grenouillage et surtout pas la clart. Qui s retrouve ?

Les dernires fusions ont t plus que pnibles, les d fusions, catastrophiques. Qubec, un Ministre de Montral christian louboutin outlet ne sera jamais qu arbitre pour temprer les tensions entre les diffrents arr christian louboutin outlet ondissements et communauts parses.

Je demande un Ministre du Grand Montral dont le but affirm sera d faire une ralit politique et l fix sur deux ans. Quand la volont sera affirme et nette, qu commence les discussions, et vite.

Faut pas faire revenir sur l mais se rendre l : Montral n plus une le dans les faits.

Je viens de lire votre edito. interressantes idees mais on oubli l financier de la ville. son criant manque de ressources pour une panoplie de raisons (corruption, manque de comptitivit, manque d problmes linguistiques etc.). La ville n pas la marge d manoeuvre des autres villes. Vancouver, Toronto a va d de telles mesures surtout quand on veut ralentir un march surchauff mais a Montral? je suis de prs les projets immobiliers depuis ces dernires annes et plusieurs developpeurs ont du s en cours de route et dcouper leurs units plus grandes pour offrir des units plus petites et abordables. Ce parce qu se voyaient clairement que les units a 2 3 chambres ne trouvaient pas preneur au prix du march. De leurs imposer de vendre des units qui ne se vendront pas, surtout dans un march qui ralentit dangereusement ce n pas raliste. les developpeurs doivent entrer dans leur argent et avec les taxes que la ville espre rcolter de toute cette mer d pour jeunes professionnels, on ne trouvera pas grand dfenseurs de ces mesures. A moins que Quebec s mle mais avec le manque de comprhension total de la ralit Montrealaise du gouvernement Quebecois, cela risque, comme d de faire plus de bien que de mal.

Je ne voudrais pas parler spcifiquement pour Montral, mais pour les grandes villes en gnral. Si j un spcialiste de l urbain, je crerais des espaces de vie o l serait la fois diversifi (Duplex, multiplex, HLM, Condos, Maisons de ville et cottages) mais densifis avec obligatoirement de grands espaces naturels de verdure et des arbres profusion. Dans ce concept, pourrait tre intgr les fonctions commerantes et toutes les relations avec transports en commun.

christian louboutin outlet Part 3 and RecipeVANCOUVER

Part 3 and Recipe

VANCOUVER It like born again butchery. Sebastian Cortez is part of a rebirth of the small butcher shop.

He operated Sebastian Co. in West Vancouver Dundarave Village for almost three years a christian louboutin outlet nd it took a while for people to appreciate why his meat cost more than at local supermarkets.

trend of butchering, stepping away from supermarket me christian louboutin outlet ats in Styrofoam packaging, is coming back, but slowly, says Cortez, one of a handful of butchers who custom cuts meat.

He particularly known for christian louboutin outlet his beef, which he dry ages for an incredible 40 days. Small butcher shops normally age for 21 to 24 days. of the tenderizing process occurs in the first 10 to 14 days with enzymes breaking it down to about 21 days, he says. that, richness of flavour becomes the main goal of air drying. also means weight loss, which means fewer kilograms to sell, and thus, the higher cost. one per cent of the weight is lost for every day of dry aging. Over 21 days, it weighs 21 per cent less than non aged. Moisture loss slows down after that, he says.

processing plants break the carcass down and send them to grocery stores within a day. Meat is vacuum sealed and sent out after it broken down or it wet aged in the vacuum sealed bag to preserve the weight. It makes for more tender meat but flavour isn enhanced. is inspired by the artisan butchers of Europe and South America. After emigrating from Chile in 1999, Cortez worked as a chef at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar and Jamie Kennedy Gardiner in Toronto. He then decided to learn butchery, working at an organic farm with an old fashioned butcher shop.

shop was absolutely quiet to start, he says. happened. Now I busy. People support sustainability and are willing to try new things. They come back asking me for recipes using cheaper cuts. buys grass fed, grain finished, prime organic beef from Blue Goose ranch in 70 Mile House. At first, he broke down sides of beef himself. was a full day of work to do two sides [at 900 pounds each]. did it myself for two, three months. in my commercial kitchen. Then I hired people to do it while I ran the shop. he buys the meat in smaller sections. shake hands with the rancher every time I pick up the beef, which is delivered to North Vancouver. I told what the animal ate because it comes down to the personality of the animal. Some decide to eat more grass than grain, he says.

Some cuts he shares with customers are from his native Chile. were brought up on different cuts. Here, consumers wants are top end, the New Yorks, sirloin, or maybe flank steak. I introduced vacio, an interesting cut from the top of the flank. It usually gets ground.

cool thing about my shop is, I introduce customers to Argentinian and Chilean cuts you can find. Here, they usually end up as ground beef. In Chile, everything cooked on low temperature on a charcoal barbecue and tenderizes like braising. also sells skirt, flat iron and hanger steaks as well as brisket and chuck. hanger steak is at the end of the rib and beginning of the loin, he says. the muscle supporting the diaphragm and there only one per animal. It going to be popular but people aren used to the flavours and textures. Usually, the tougher cuts of meat have more flavour. Collagen and gristle means more flavour. two of his employees cooked in restaurants and wanted to learn how to custom cut meats before going back to cooking. Zac Campbell moved christian louboutin outlet here from Prince Edward Island, where he worked as a chef. the culinary mecca and I always been interested in butchery but I didn have the opportunity to learn. It not a common thing. Sebastian really a true butcher. He does everything by hand, old school. plans one day to open his own restaurant, do his own butchery and make charcuterie (hams, pancettas, prosciuttos), which he learning from Cortez. is definitely a topic of interest amongst chefs. Everybody wants to learn these skill sets for their restaurants but there nowhere to learn the proper techniques. If I were to tell you what I learned from Sebastian, I take all afternoon. a mark of how good his product is, Cortez says a customer just bought 10 porterhouses to take back to Singapore. don even know if it legal, says Cortez, I know if it in checked in luggage, it will stay cold. one of Cortez favourite recipes:

Sebastian Co. Miami Barbecued Ribs

The cut of the meat is the same as what used for Maui ribs but the marinade in this recipe has Cuban flavours. At Sebastian Co., customers are flooding in as barbecue season ramps up.

1 pound short ribs, cut to strips

3 tablespoons finely minced garlic

1 tablespoon ground ancho chilipepper powder

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christian louboutin outlet Part 1 UCLA Life BlogPacki

Part 1 UCLA Life Blog

Packing Tips Part 1(In all honesty, this post is really for me to organize my thoughts and prepare for the grueling packing experience that awaits me (my room looks like a Goodwill collection center (don get any ideas, Mom It is incredibly important. Without packing, your clothes would just be in the trunk of your car, intermingling with your binders and towels, and intermingling of those items is not OK. You would have to put your stuff directly into the carts that theHousingoffice provides for you. There would be no plastic in between your jammies and the side of the cart! Ah!Wait, maybe packing is not that important because who cares if your stuff touches your other stuff, and all of it touches the cart? Alright, let me rephrase. Packing makes things slightly more convenient for you and everyone does it and when are you trying to fit in more, than the first day of college? Yeah, you could just throw your crap into the trunk and it would be fine but using plastic bags to separate your t shirts from your lamp is kind of fun, and who knows where the sides of the Housing office cart has been.So, he christian louboutin outlet re are some of my excellent, super great, bomb boo yeah packing tips:Use bags. Seriously, boxes are not your friend. They do not fit into cars well and take up a ton of s christian louboutin outlet pace. christian louboutin outlet You can fit like five in your trunk, and the five you fit in there are usually only going to be like three quarters full. Bags are great! They are comfy to carry and are like amorphous blobs. They mold to the shape of your trunk, your back seat, even to the back of your head (DIY travel pillow). Pack towels, blankets, pillows, spare body parts, even school supplies in bags. Be especially sure to pack allfoldableclothes into bags.This brings me tononfoldableclothes. I am talking about nice jackets, dresses, your Lady Gaga Halloween costume, basically anything on a hanger. Good news, y youdo notneed to take any of those things off their hangers! Just take your hanging items off of the rack in your closet and pile them on top of your already full back seat, hangers and all. If you are afraid they will get ruined or are seriously nervous about your things touching the Housing office carts, you can always put either a plastic cove christian louboutin outlet ring you get from the dry cleaners over everything OR a big trash bag over everything. This is great because when you get to your room, you just whip all your hangables off the top of your carts and boom, they go right into the closet. I maybe even recommend hanging more clothes than usual, just because this is way easier than refolding everything before it goes into drawers.Ok, now that we have established that you are to use nothing but bags to accomplish the actual act of packing, in Part 2 of this post, I will give you some tips for how to organizeyourselffor the packing process.

christian louboutin outlet Pars bag early goalFormer

Pars bag early goal

Former East Fife striker Ryan Wallace was bundled over inside the box and referee Ian Brines had no hesitation in pointing to the spot. Wallace, pictured, then stepped up to take the penalty and tucked the ball away well.

Dunfermline had the bulk of possession and East Fife had a let off when Joe Mbu appeared to haul down Ryan Thomson on the ed christian louboutin outlet ge of the box. This time, though, Brines waved away the claims.

It took East Fife a good 30 minutes to really force their way into a game the Pars had dominated when Scott Durie whipped a dangerous corner under the bar which Ryan Scully did well to punch away. It’s a credit to both sets of fans that this league opener was a sell out long before kick off. Sadly though they were served up a largely scrappy game as both sets of players regularly gave up possession too easily.

Brines didn’t help the cause much either by constantly halting the game for soft fouls. The ref showed some leniency to Gary Thom in the second half after his rash challenge left Wallace floored. With Dunfermline fans calling for a red card, Brines instead showed a yellow. East Fife looked blunt up front as chances in front of goal were at a premium but Liam Buchanan almost forced a way behind the Pars backline only for Josh Falkingham to scamper back and clear the danger.

Wallace should have wrapped up the win for Dunfermline when he found himself clear on Michael Andrews’ goal but the striker blasted his shot wide.

Veteran striker Craig Dargo was brought on for Dunfermline as Jim Jefferies looked to put the game to bed and he almost made it two when his dipping volley went just over the bar.

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christian louboutin outlet Pars 4 Paws Golf Tournament be

Pars 4 Paws Golf Tournament benefiting Dog Days of Charlotte

For Golfers (Sponsor Information Below) :

Our “Paws 4 Pars” tournament will be a “Captai christian louboutin outlet n’s Choice” event with teams of four, which means every player hits, then the team chooses the one best shot following every stroke, with each team member then playing again from that one spot until the hole is finished. It allows everyone to contribute! For those wishing to register as individuals, we will place you on a team. There christian louboutin outlet will be two divisions, A B. To avoid teams/players “sandbagging” their handicaps Show more and to keep competition as fair as possible, we flight teams bas christian louboutin outlet ed on scores from pre determined holes. Those holes will be chosen in an attempt to accurately identify team skills, but will not be revealed until the completion of the rounds. For example, after the christian louboutin outlet round we’ll inform everyone that the team score on holes 2, 6, 8, 10, 14 and 18 determined their flight. There will be prizes for the Top 2 in each division, Top 3 when 15 teams per division.

In addition, there will be contests for Long Drive, Accurate Drive, Closest to the Pins, Putting, Beat the Pro and more. Each hole sponsor will have their own contests as well. Throw in food, beverages, gift bags and raffle itemsand you’ll walk away a winner no matter what! And all the while helping to save dogs!

For Sponsors :

Let us briefly tell you what you can expect as a sponsor.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive:

Signage on the course

Recognition in Marketing Emails (over 50,000)Recognition at the Awards Ceremony

Logo on Shirts, Banners, Literature Website

Ability to set up a table/tent on your hole tee

Direct access to 100 144 golfers

Placement of promotional items in gift bagsHole Sponsor (18 available) or Putting Green (1) $150 Establish your own challenge or promotion on each hole! We can help with ideas. Sponsor all four 2013 tournaments for $500, a savings of $100.

Hole Sponsor + Foursome $500 Receive all the benefits of a hole sponsorship and enter a team into the tournament, while saving $50. You can promote your business, entertain clients and reward employees all at the same time!

Title Sponsor $1,500 Have your name in the tournament title, receive prominent recognition, address all golfers in the welcome presentation and receive a Free Foursome!

christian louboutin outlet Parrot Sumo Jumper v Orbotix S

Parrot Sumo Jumper v Orbotix Sphero 2B

These spinning, jumping robots are a long way from the humble remote control car of old.

Both vehicles are controlled wirelessly using an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, with the Sphero relying on low powered Bluetooth while the Sum christian louboutin outlet o Jumper sticks with Wi Fi at 2.4 or 5GHz. This gives the Sumo Jumper longer range, plus it lets you watch and record a live feed from the built in video camera.

Both vehicles are surprisingly fast but the Sumo Jumper is more manoeuvrable, with the ability to stop quickly, spin on the spot a christian louboutin outlet rong> christian louboutin outlet nd even drift slightly on corners. The Sphero lets you switch between smooth tyres for speed or knobbly tyres for better off road performance.

As the name suggests, the Sumo Jumper’s party trick is the ability to lean back on springs and launch itself straight up into the air, reaching heights of almost a metre. The Sphero is fast enough to get airborne off a ramp, although it takes practice to unlock faster speeds and other features.

When it comes to charging, the Sumo Jumper relies on a removable battery which is good for about 20 minutes. You can purchase spares and it uses the same battery as Parrot’s new flying MiniDrone. The Sphero’s internal battery needs to be recharged via USB, but once charged it should be good for an hour.

The Sphero’s strength is its flexibility. Built in IR sensors let several 2Bs battle it out on the floor, plus you can expect it to support extra games similar to the Sphero 2.0 remote control ball. There’s also a Software Development Kit if you want to program the Sphero yourself.

The verdic christian louboutin outlet t

If you’re just after a zippy remote control car then Parrot’s Sumo Jumper is more likely to impress. Meanwhile the Sphero is a fully fledged robot under the bonnet and is more likely to satisfy those who like to tinker.