christian louboutin shoes Passing the river in a plastic

Passing the river in a plastic bag

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ok, so we have established the bag is not airtight by its own virtue. I will agree that I can imagine SOME scenario where a child gets out of the bag on their own power, after water pressure has been given time to equalize. Do I think this is safe? No, it fucking ridiculous. Children panic and flail all the time. I would never put a child in a plastic bag in christian louboutin shoes a quickly flowing river. More power to people that make it work, I guess. But I think that if they had the option of the bridge or this, they take the bridge.

But the argument here is that you said initially it would not form a vacuum, and I was just commenti christian louboutin shoes ng that it would. And it sounds like we agree on that, from your later comments, so its a non issue.

For the lazy:

Teachers and students in a village in northwestern Vietnam risk their lives in the flood season as they have to cross a fast flowing stream by wrapping themselves in a plastic bag to be pulled from one bank to the other on their way to school.

christian louboutin shoes Passing the responsibility of

Passing the responsibility of conservation on to our children

Becoming a parent changed my life. Holding my children for the very first time was incredibly emotional, joyous, and overwhelming. From that very christian louboutin shoes first moment I felt a responsibility to make sure the world my children would grow up in was safe and secure.

Recent events remind us that life is not as simple as it was when I was born, nor is it as secure or safe as we would like it to be. There are things we can control and then there are things we hope and pray that others can control for us. Somewhere in the middle there are those things that appear “out of our control” but in fact rest squarely on our shoulders. From my perspective, caring for the environment nurturing it and helping our children find and recognize their own love for it is one of the most important and critical responsibilities of a parent.

In the fast paced electronic age we live in, we are inundated with “facts” and “myths” about products we buy, causes we support, and policies and programs we believe in. On envir christian louboutin shoes onmental issues we are often left scratching our heads in the face of conflicting views with equal value attached, regardless of what the actual weight of scientific evidence on one side may be.

On climate change, the facts are in with 98% of climate scientists telling us that it is real and caused by humans. Climate change is happening now and the burning of fossil fuel is a primary ca christian louboutin shoes use. The best news is that it is solvable, but we need to act now and your family can be a part of it.

On Earth Day, take stock of what you are already doing for planet Earth a christian louboutin shoes nd if you don’t already have a “family plan”, make one! Indoors, even young children can help with a home recycling program. Help your neighbors, your house of worship or your place of employment design and create their own conservation plan. Help your children understand that these plans and subsequent actions are important to you and should be for them as well.

Teenagers can unplug small appliances, cell phones, computers and electronic toys when they are charged or not in use.

Outdoors, take advantage of public transportation your taxes pay for it and it is there for your use. Do multiple errands in one trip and use reusable bags, mugs and bottles.

Visit your local, state or federal representatives’ office and ask them what they are doing to keep you and our environment safe. Find out their voting record on issues you care about. Remind your kids (and your elected officials) what Peter Parker’s Uncle once told Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Walk around the block, visit a local beach or park, go for a hike and take in your surroundings. Learn some of the names of the animals, birds and plants that are native to your community. When you are back at home, organize a family meeting to shares what you all saw, and why protecting and nurturing nature is important.

What affects Earth, affects our health from the hazardous chemicals that are making their way into the foods we eat, to the safety of the air we breathe and the water we drink. If we take no action and apply no pressure, we lose control over the things that matter most.

Showing your children that you care about our environment teaches them responsibility for a health planet. They can make a difference and deserve the facts.

christian louboutin shoes passengers’ luggage arriving o

passengers’ luggage arriving on time more reliably

airlines are more punctual and less likely to lose your bag than at any time in more than two decades. Travelers still have to put up with packed planes, rising fees and unpredictable security lines, but they are late to fewer business meetings and are not missing as many chances to tuck their kids into bed. Nearly 84 percent of domestic flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time in the first half of the year the best performance since the government started keeping track in 1988.

View full sizeMary Altaffer, The Associated PressAn American Airlines fleet clerk uses a Ramp Link to scan luggage at JFK International Airport in New York. August 1 2012

The improvement over the first six months of 2011, when 77 percent of flights were on time, is mostly a result of good weather and fewer planes in the sky because of the weak economy.

Airlines are also doing a better job of handling bags. Fewer than three suitcases per 1,000 passengers were reported lost, damaged or delayed from January through June, a record low.

The two areas of improvement are related: When flights are late, bags often miss their connection.

“My flights this year have been way better,” said Amanda Schuier, a sales manager for a Kansas City, Mo., trucking supplier who flies roughly four times a week. “In the past six months, I’ve only had two delays.”

If the current pace continues, the airlines will beat their best full year performance, recorded in 1991, when nearly 83 percent of flights arrived on time. The worst full year was 2000, when just 73 percent of flights arrived on time, according t christian louboutin shoes o an Associated Press analysis of Bureau of Transportation Statistics data.

The worst year for baggage handling was 1989, when nearly eight suitcases per 1,000 passengers were reported late, lost or damaged.

There are still problems. About one out of every six flights is late and that’s after airlines have adjusted schedules to account for congestion, said airline consultant Michael Boyd.

“That’s an indictment, not a record,” he said.

When flights are on time, it isn’t just good for passengers it also helps the airlines’ bottom lines. The industry says it costs an average of $75 a minute to operate a plane. Last year, domestic delays cost airlines an estimated $5.2 billion. airlines made a combined $577 million in profit last year.

In the first six months of this year, nature has been kind to airlines. There have been 10 percent fewer thunderstorms than usual, according to a decade of data analyzed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Aviation Weather Center.

There has also been less snow. New York has had about 3 inches this year, compared with a 10 year average of 20 inches. Chicago, which averages 27 inches of snow from January through June, has had just 18. And Minneapoli christian louboutin shoes s has had 12 inches, one third the normal snowfall at this point in the year.

The recession led fewer people to fly and prompted airlines to ground planes, clearing up airspace. In 2007, 14.8 million airplanes took off and landed at the nation’s 35 largest airports, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Last year, the number was down 10 percent to 13.3 mill christian louboutin shoes ion.

The airlines also are taking steps to improve their on time performance. They include:

Better technology. Airlines are flying newer planes with fewer maintenance problems. New tools track the boarding of passengers and loading of baggage onto individual flights. If either falls behind schedule, extra workers are deployed to ensure an on time departure.

More realistic schedul christian louboutin shoes es. Flight times have been extended on some trips to account for air traffic delays. For instance, Delta Air Lines adds up to 16 minutes for Atlanta to New York flights during peak hours. Boyd and other critics say padding schedules may improve on time statistics, but it shouldn’t be confused with better service.

Timely delivery of food and fuel. Airlines have revised contracts with suppliers to include incentives for on time deliveries and penalties for late ones.

Improved boarding procedures. The order passengers get on a plane has been streamlined, and larger overhead bins have been installed.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers Without Carryon Bag

Passengers Without Carryon Bags Get to Board the Plane First on Virgin America

Meantime, did you know someone actually did a scientific study on the best way to board an airline? And not just anyone: the 2008 study was conducted by an actual physicist an astrophysicist to be precise one Jason Steffen, of the Fermilab Center for Pa christian louboutin shoes rticle Astrophysics in christian louboutin shoes Batavia, Ill.

In his simulations, Steffen quickly discarded the old “board front to back” procedure as the worst method, but he also discovered that the “board back to front” method is nearly as slow. A much quicker and practical method: Random boarding. That’s right: completely random boarding.

Steffen told me he’s not convinced that the Virgin America model will create a significant change in the boarding process, but he adds, “I believe that experimentation is always a good thing.” He also notes that factoring in passenger psychology adds a whole other dimension, along the lines of “if that’s how the airline wants to play it, then maybe I christian louboutin shoes will check a bag” which could speed up the boarding time.

Steffen is not sure his ideas will go anywhere: “I doubt that when an airline compa christian louboutin shoes ny needs to study an issue like this one, that their first thought is, ‘Let’s go talk to a physicist.'”

But maybe they should. Meanwhile, let’s see what happens with Virgin America’s big boarding adventure.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers Weary From Flight D

Passengers Weary From Flight Delays Search Luggage Piles For Lost Bags At Midway CBS Chicago

The bags are piled everywhere in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim area on the ground floor of Midway. Southwest has tried to keep the bags in groups by airport codes, but each destination could have a dozen or more widely scattered piles. In many cases, the bags preceded passengers into Midway by a day or more.

Megan Milk, of Kankakee, said her bag contains a valuable Pandora bracelet and other Christmas presents. She last saw it Thursday when checking it at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, where her flight twice left the gate, only to return and be cancelled. She was unable to get a flight into Midway until midday Saturday, but said she was told that her bag went out on the first Southwest flight between Atlanta and Midway Friday.

Some to christian louboutin shoes ok one look at the piles of luggage, some still on dollies, and their jaws dropped. Others reacted with anger. One man, who identified himself as a former Delta Air Lines employee, said Southwest redirected his family’s flight from Florida to Omaha and stranded them. He said he drove them to Chicago, but has not been able to locate any of the family’s bags.

“This is a total joke,” he said before steaming off.

Some are passengers hoping to retrieve bags after being told that they cannot be rebooked into their scheduled destinations in christian louboutin shoes time to attend weekend weddings or family events, or because they cannot be booked to their destinations until Monday or Tuesday.

Lines were still long, by normal standards, at the Southwest Airlines reservations counter midday Saturday, although nowhere near as long as they were most of the day Friday, when the line accordioned from the counter out the front door.

Southwest cancelled hundreds of flights at the height of the storm cancellations which rolled east as the storm headed for the east coast and affected the airline’s ability to provide sufficient planes to operate, even to warm weather destinations.

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christian louboutin shoes Passengers Stranded at LAX Aft

Passengers Stranded at LAX After Deadly Shooting

A passenger stuck for hours in Terminal 3 sent this photo of the waiting crowd.situation at LAX is very fluid, the FAA said in a statement.Sky5 captured live video of passengers running from the airport.An estimated 76,000 passengers were affected by canceled, delayed and diverted flights, according to LAXspokeswoman Nancy Castles. Most of those were held at their originating airports, with LAX bound 46 arrivals diverted to other destinations.The shooting happen christian louboutin shoes ed in Terminal 3 of the airport. LAX has a total of eight terminals (Credit: LAX).For departures, 478 flights were affected by the shooting, including more than 51,000 estimated passengers.”ALL departure flights from Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are delayed until further notice,” LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles said in a statement.”Some airlines at TBIT, Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 have temporarily suspended departing flights because their passengers cannot reach their terminals,” Castles said.Roads leading into LAX were closed and passengers were advised to check with their individual airlines for flight information. Avoid area,” the California Highway Patrol Southern Division tweeted.Century Boulevar christian louboutin shoes d and several other roads leading into the airport were also closed.”All airport roadways are still closed until further notice.Roads and terminals were beginning to reopen by late afternoon.To assist stranded passengers, the American Red Cross announced it was opening a shelter near the airport at the Westchester Recreation Center, located at 7000 West Manchester Avenue in Los Angeles.Thousands of passengers were stranded at LAX after a shooter opened fire in Terminal 3, leaving the airport in near chaos. These people had waited for hours without access to water or food. (Credit: Kacey Montoya)Passengers stranded at LAX may contact a hotel accommodations hotline established by LA Tourism Convention Board at888 831 7176.Passengers who need medicine fro christian louboutin shoes m luggage lost after the shooting were told to contact LAX’s on airport medical clinic, ReliantMedical Clinic at 9601 South Sepulveda Blvd., or310 215 6020. the airport sent out an alert to the media letting drivers know where they could pick up stranded passengers.”Motorists meeting and picking up passengers are directed to LAX Economy Parking Lot C. Passengers will be transported by bus to Lot C within two hours,” the statement said.The airport also announce christian louboutin shoes d anyone needing hotel accommodations should contact the LA Tourism Convention Board hotline at 888 831 7176.During a news conference late Friday afternoon, the FBI said Terminal 3 would remained closed until further notice.Allegiant Air, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, Virgin America and Virgin Australia are all located in Terminal 3, according the Los Angeles World Airports website.

christian louboutin shoes passengers still waiting to di

passengers still waiting to disembark

More than 4,000 people are on board.

A Coast Guard official says the disabled cruise ship stopped temporarily off the coast of Alabama because a towline attached to one of christian louboutin shoes the boats towing the vessel broke.

The Triumph was being pulled by four tugs Thursday, and the Coast Guard said it had been moving about 5 mph. Before the towline broke, the ship and the 4,000 plus passengers were expected to arrive at the Mobile cruise terminal late Thursday night.

When passengers can finally get off the ship, it will take christian louboutin shoes some time: only one elevator is working, and passengers will have to carry their own luggage.

The problems began Sunday when a fire broke out in the ship’s engine room. That caused a power outage which left the boat without propulsion and without air conditioning.

A clearer picture of the scene aboard the ship began to emerge as passengers who have been mostly out cellphone reach described overflowing toilets, sewage backed up in showers, scarce food and people getting sick. What began as a four day voyage in the Gulf of Mexico has turned christian louboutin shoes into a vacation nightmare, not at all the luxury cruise touted in brochures. Officials are hearing nightmarish stories from people aboard as they are trickling back to land.

Conditions deteriorated during the week for the 3,000 plus passengers and 1,000 crew members as only a few of the bathrooms on board have been operational.

Kim McKerreghan’s daughter and former husband are on board.

“He (her former husband) told me that they had just eaten onion sandwiches,” McKerreghan said. “And they were asking to use the red plastic bags to use the restroom in, and they had some fruit. They did have some water, but it was warm bottled water.”

Supplies have been ferried out to the crippled ship all week by other Carnival ships, including the legend out of Tampa.

Meanwhile, Carnival Cruise President and CEO Gerry Cahill has offered an apology.

“No one here from Carnival is happy about the conditions on board this ship and we obviously are very sorry about what has taken place,” Cahill said.

The company is offering passengers full refunds, discounts on future cruises and even $500.

Carnival Paradise returns to Tampa

Meanwhile, thousands of passengers onboard the Carnival Paradise returned to Tampa Thursday morning.

Fortunately, there were no problems with their trip. But there was a bit of concern af christian louboutin shoes ter news spread about what was going on aboard the stranded cruise ship the Triumph.

The Paradise is scheduled to go back out this evening.

Passengers say while there is some concern after watching the events unfold, it’s just a risk you take when embarking on a cruise.

“If it happens, it happens. The big thing is staying calm and knowing eventually you will get back home,” said Carnival Paradise passenger Tracy Pearce.

christian louboutin shoes passengers squabble over bagga

passengers squabble over baggage fees

At the check in counter agent’s suggestion, the Southeast Washington resident ran into a store at the Reagan National terminal and snapped up a neon green nylon bag on sale for $6. She stuffed what she could from her suitcase into it. The remainder went into a cloth Whole Foods tote she had packed in her bag.

Then Barber called her mother and asked her to come pick up the suitcase she had unloaded because it was over the 50 pound weight limit for checked luggage, thanks to some serious overpacking for a two week visit with her daughter.

The price for checking a bag for most passengers in coach: $25. The price for checking an overweight bag: an additional $50. That was $75 more than Barber was willing to pay.

“I hate it,” she said, of airlines’ growing penchant for levying hefty baggage fees. “It’s already expensive for a ticket.”

Barber was doing her best to channel George Clooney’s checked bags are for suckers character in the Oscar nominated movie christian louboutin shoes “Up in the Air.” Who can blame her? Last year, airlines reported nearly four cases of mishandled bags among every 1,000 passengers, even as they started charging more for checked luggage to increase revenues. As a result, passengers are increasingly and frantically searching for alternatives. They are packing their belongings more methodically into carry o christian louboutin shoes n bags (and carrying too many of those onboard), leaving behind items they would normally travel with, shipping luggage to their destinations, or deliberately taking oversize bags to the gate in the hope that gate agents will check them for christian louboutin shoes free.

Ever changing fees, meanwhile, are just the latest wrinkle in a chaotic baggage situation confronting today’s airline passengers. Add it to heightened security, more overcrowded flights and fewer amenities in the air, and you have to wonder: Cou christian louboutin shoes ld it be the straw that makes airline travelers finally, well, bag it?

The failed Christmas Day attempt by the Underwear Bomber to blow up a plane sparked the latest round of baggage related unpleasantness. Carry on bags are coming under much more scrutiny, and because there are so many more of them, lines at security checkpoints have gotten even more unwieldy, to say the least.

“It has reached a tipping point as far as a hassle factor,” said Jami Counter, senior director of TripAdvisor Flights, an online flight search tool. “I think we just have to live with the chaos until the next shoe drops, whatever that will be.”

The TSA screens any bag that fits through its X ray machines, but it’s up to the airlines to determine carry on sizes. And they’re all different. A JetBlue carry on can’t be longer than 17 inches, for instance, while Frontier allows up to 24 inches. It’s also up to the airlines to enforce their carry on rules, so many have sizers at their check in counters to let people measure their bags. American even designed new sizers for each of its gates. But on recent visits to two airports, I didn’t see a single passenger measuring a bag. The sizers stood ignored and forlorn.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers Reveals Nightmare A

Passengers Reveals Nightmare Aboard Carnival Triumph

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) Passengers of the Carnival Triumph tried to put the memories of their nightmarish cruise behind them Friday, boarding buses and planes for home after five harrowing days aboard a vessel adrift at sea without power or working toilets.

Many of the roughly 3,000 passengers were bused to New Orleans to catch a flight home or to the ship’s home port in Galveston, Texas. And as if they hadn’t suffered enough, one of the buses broke down during the two hour ride to New Orleans. Passengers on a different bus reported losing their luggage.

“I’m very frustrated that now our luggage is gone and missing,” said Deborah Day of Piano, Texas, adding that she had made sure to check through every transfer point herself, only to lose it when she trusted Carnival to put it on a separate truck instead of the bus she was riding on.

But she had kind words for the crew aboard the disabled ship, adding, “Those people were incredible.”

Other passengers were taking things more in stride as they got closer to home.

(LATEST: Russian Meteor Was Larger Than First Thought)

Georgia Jackson, 66, of Cedar Hill, Texas, said that while the cruise was not ideal, it was not all bad either.

“About the only thing that’s been reported is the bad and Carnival has been treating us like VIPs since the boat docked,” she said in Galveston, adding that the crew did the best they could with a terrible set of circumstances.

“The ship looked like vagabond city,” Jackson said, “but by and large people got along great.”

While some called the journey a horrible experience, others spoke of bonding with fellow passengers during the long, exhaustive struggle to get home.

As ship conditions deteriorated after an engine room fire Sunday, travelers formed Bible study groups, shared or traded precious supplies and even welcomed strangers into their private cabins. Long after they’ve returned to the everyday luxuries of hot showers and cold drinks, passengers said, they will remember the crew and the personal bonds formed during a cruel week at sea.

(MORE: Worldwide Water Extremes)

The tired tourists finally reached land Friday and gave a glimpse into the intensely uncomfortable journey they had endured.

Sandy Jackson, of Houston, was fortunate to have an upper level room with a balcony and a breeze that kept the air in her cabin fresh. Rooms on the lower decks were too foul or stifling, so Jackson took in five people, including four strangers.

“We knew one. The others we’re very good friends with now,” Jackson said. “Everyone was very cordial in sharing supplies.”

Brandi Dorsett, of Sweeny, Texas, said people were antsy and irritable at times, and there was tension. But it never got out of hand.

“People were bartering. Can I have your cereal for this? Can I have your drink for that?” she said. “We had one lady, she was begging for cigarettes for diapers. There were no diapers on the boat. There was no formula on the boat.”

The ship carrying 4,200 people left Galveston, Texas, on Feb. 7 for a four day jaunt to Cozumel, Mexico. The fire paralyzed the ship early Sunday, leaving it adrift in the Gulf of Mexico until tugboats towed the massive 14 story vessel to Mobile. It arrived late Thursday to cheers and flashing cameras. It took four hours for all of the passengers to disembark.

“Sweet Home Alabama!” read one of the homemade signs passengers hung over the side.

To pass the time, passenger Joseph Alvarez said, about 45 people gathered in a public room on the lower deck for Bible study.

“It was awesome,” he said. “It lifted up our souls and gave us hope that we would get back.”

Because many passengers were sleeping on the outside deck, Dwayne Chapman of Lake Charles, La., used his pocket knife to cut decorative rope to make tents out of bed sheets. At first, other passengers told him they thought he was going to get in trouble, but later, everyone wanted to borrow his knife to do the same thing.

“I really think we’ve made some l christian louboutin shoes ifelong friends going through this ordeal,” Chapman’s wife, Kim, said.

When it was over, many passengers were just grateful for simple pleasures. After days of warm drinks, Cheryl McIntosh and her husband were gla christian louboutin shoes d to see coolers full of ice.

“The first thing we did was open up those Diet Cokes and we drank some,” McIntosh said.

Others were still recuperating from the ordeal.

“I have an u christian louboutin shoes pset stomach prett christian louboutin shoes y bad. I’ll be seeing a doctor this afternoon,” 53 year old Sandy Jackson said as she checked out of a downtown Mobile hotel Friday, where relatives drove to pick her up. “Stress, food, everything. It was hard to eat properly.”

A day’s worth of car rides back home to Indiana wasn’t very daunting for Brianna Adkins after the cruise, which she called the worst experience of her life.

Invited on the cruise by a relative who got a free trip for memorizing Bible verses, the 18 year old preacher’s daughter was shocked by conditions aboard the ship. The trip that began so great swimming with dolphins in Cozumel and watching Las Vegas style shows in the ship’s theater ended with her dissolving into tears in an Alabama cruise terminal after the ship had docked.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers recall days of mise

Passengers recall days of misery as cruise ship arrives home to NJ after nearly 700 sickened

Passengers aboard a cruise ship on which hundreds fell ill recalled days of misery holed up in their rooms as it returned to its home port Wednesday from a Caribbean trip cut short by what is suspected to be among the largest such norovirus outbreaks in the last 20 years.

Travellers aboard the Explorer of the Seas recounted hundreds throwing up, and stricken passengers having food brought to their rooms. Others were served from covered buffets by crew members wearing gloves and mas christian louboutin shoes ks during an outbreak that sickened nearly 700 passengers and crew on the ship operated by Royal Caribbean.

Kim Waite, 50, of London, England, was on the cruise with her husband, Fred, to celebrate the end of her cancer treatments. She got severely ill, and barely saw her husband the whole trip.

husband had to put me in a wheelchair and take christian louboutin shoes christian louboutin shoes rong>me to the infirmary. The door opened on the lift and there were just hundreds of people being sick everywhere, she said. were throwin christian louboutin shoes g up in buckets and bags I started crying, I couldn believe it. I was in shock.

never wanted to go home so much in my life. I never slept so much in my life, and I got no sun tan. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said its latest count puts the number of those sickened at 630 passengers and 54 crew members. The ship, on a 10 day cruise that had to be cut short, was carrying 3,050 passengers.

Health investigators suspect norovirus, but lab results are not expected until later this week. If norovirus is to blame, it would be one of the largest norovirus outbreaks on a cruise ship in the last 20 years, the CDC said. A 2006 norovirus outbreak on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship also sickened close to 700.

Retiree Bill Rakowicz, 61, from the city of St. Thomas in Ontario, Canada, said he thought he was just seasick when he began suffering from vomiting, pain and diarrhea.

I went out of my room and saw people with gloves and people sick everywhere, he said, adding that he saw a man in a wheelchair vomiting, then falling on the floor and hitting his head.

He said he had the symptoms for five days starting Jan. 22, the day after the ship departed Bayonne. was awful. You feel like you want to give in, he said.

Rakowicz gave high marks to Royal Caribbean for going and beyond in its efforts to help passengers. A female travelling companion did not get sick, he said, which he said was not unusual. He said he was aware of a number of cases in which one person in a room got sick and the other didn Sue Rogutski, of Bloomsburg, Pa., said she got so sick she was quarantined for three days. She said her husband, Leonard, a nurse who only fell ill toward the end of the trip and less severely than her, had to carry her down from their room to the sick bay.

we were in the sick bay, people were getting nervous and they started showing up there to try to get help, she said. there was influx of 150 people. That puts into perspective what this crew was facing that it was epidemic. said the ship buffets were all covered and no passengers could touch them. They had to be served by crew members wearing gloves and masks, including entertainers who pitched in. Sick passengers were brought food to their rooms.

Norovirus once known as Norwalk virus is highly contagious. It can be picked up from an infected person, contaminated food or water or by touching contaminated surfaces. Sometimes mistaken for the stomach flu, the virus causes bouts of vomiting and diarrhea for a few days.

The cruise line said most guests who fell ill were up and about as the ship headed to port. It said seven people were still sick when the ship reached Bayonne, but that none of the passengers had to be hospitalized.

The CDC said it recommended to Royal Caribbean that people who still have serious symptoms be linked to medical care, and perhaps given the option of staying in nearby hotels before travelling home. Virgin Islands port call on Sunday. They said no single food or water source or other origin has been identified.

Royal Caribbean is providing all guests a 50 per cent refund of their cruise fares and an additional 50 per cent future cruise credit. It also reimbursing airline change fees and accommodations for guests who had to change plans for travelling home.

Stricken guests who were confined to their staterooms are being provided a credit of one future cruise day for each day of confinement.

The ship will be sanitized and no one will be allowed aboard for a period of more than 24 hours as an extra precaution, the cruise line said.

Rick O from Miami based ByoPlanet was at the dock to greet the ship. His company was going to use sprayers that produce electrically charged droplets to help sanitize the ship. He said it would take eight to 12 hours to complete the job.

Explorer of the Seas is on track to depart at its originally scheduled time Friday afternoon on its next cruise, a nine night trip with port calls in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, a Royal Caribbean spokeswoman said.