christian louboutin shoes partners bag 17 blocks under N

partners bag 17 blocks under NELP VIII

New Delhi, March 19

The Government has approved the award of 33 out of the 36 exploration areas that were bid in the recently concluded oil and gas auction round under the New Exploration Licensing Policy VIII. It was decided to not to award two on land blocks, and one on land block has been kept in abeyance.

This was stated by the Home Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram, after the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) meeting here on Friday. The decision to award 33 blocks under NELP VIII to the first ranked/sole bidders was based on recommendations made by the Empowered Committee of Secretaries, he said.

ONGC christian louboutin shoes and its partners have emerged potential winners in 17 of the 33 blocks being awarded. The decision not to award two on land blocks VN ONN 2009/1 and VN ONN christian louboutin shoes 2009/2 was taken keeping in view low percentage’ share of profit petroleum being offered to the Government, which may be detrimental to Government’s interest in future. The potential winner in this block was Jubilant Oil Gas.

In the eighth round, 70 blocks were on offer, which attracted on 36 bids, with ONGC and its partners bidding for maximum blocks. The CCEA had also approved reducing the explora christian louboutin shoes tion period in respect of two offshore blocks KG DWN 2009/1 and MB OSN 2009/3.

The potential winners of KG DWN 2009/1 block were BG Exploration Production and its partners, while MB OSN 2009/3 was won by BHP Billiton Petroleum. The reason for reducing the exploration period was due to less commitment made by these bidders for undertaking the technical work programme in the block, official sources said.

NELP VIII was launched in April 2009 offering 24 deepwater blocks, 28 shallow water blocks, and 18 on land blocks, including 10 small type blocks. The Government had received 76 bids for 36 blocks 8 deepwater, 13 shallow water, and 15 on land blocks.

The subdued participation to NELP VIII was attributed to the economic slowdown coupled with the ongoing dispute between the Ambani brothers that has questioned the sanctity of the production sharing contract (PSC).

Apart from ONGC and its partners, the others who emerged the potential winners in offshore blocks include Cairn Energy PTY, BG, BHP Billiton, Bengal Energy International, Omkar Natural Resources christian louboutin shoes Pvt Ltd. In the on land and small types blocks, the winners were Jubilant Oil Gas, Oil India Ltd, ONGC, NTPC, Jay Polychem (India), Esveegee Steel (Gujarat), and Harish Chandra (India)

Cancellation of award

The CCEA on Friday has also approved cancellation of award of two exploration blocks in the NELP VII round to GeoGlobal Resources and one to Interlink Petroleum, Moonstone Energy and EnSearch consortium, as they had failed to sign PSC despite extensions.

Along with the NELP VIII, the Government had also offered 10 coal bed methane (CBM) blocks. The award of CBM blocks would be taken up by the CCEA later, after issues with certain bids are sorted out by the Law Ministry.

christian louboutin shoes Partition between many older s

Partition between many older semis wouldn’t meet building code today

For all the attention paid in recent years to the proliferation of soaring condo towers, it is easy to forget the importance of another of Toronto’ christian louboutin shoes s ubiquitous structures: the semi detached house. Is it a poor cousin to the stand alone home? Perhaps, but there is no shortage of home buyers willing to shell out many hundreds of thousands of dollars to live one thin wall away from their neighbours and put up with the ambient noise and clashing esthetics. This week, the National Post looks at the semi, its challenges, its charms and its nightmares. They may be two sides of the same building, but they can be worlds apart.

AnaEncarnacao lived in the same semi detached house on Osler Street in Toronto’s west end for 15 years without issue when a new tenant moved in next door and started renting out rooms and throwing parties.

“I’d walk by and they’d look at me funny,” said Ms. Encarnacao, a mother of three boys, who initially tried to be friendly. “Then, we started hearing the noises at night.”

That’s no surprise. Originally designed as affordable housing, many of the city’s semi detached dwellings were built in the 1930s and 1940s, long before the noise bylaws that exist today came into effect. That’s why the “party wall”, the dividing wall between the two living spaces, is often so ineffective.

“In those houses, the way they did the party wall would not meet the Ontario Building Code today,” said Sal Vitiello Senior Design Partner at EI Richmond Architects. “In some cases they were simply wood between the walls with insulation and extra drywall, and some were block but the block didn’t have insulation on one side and usually just had drywall right on it.

“Since then, the Ontario building code has sound transmission coefficient ratings.”

That’s good news for newly constructed semis, but did little to help Ms. Encarnacao, who had to endure the raucous noise of the late night parties, music and arguments next door. But the issue went well beyond the volume of her neighbours.

“They would jump on my veranda and over my fence. We’d hear fighting and I’d have to call police,” she said. “After that it kept getting worse.”

Worse was the state of the neighbour’s backyard. That summer, she estimates it was filled with almost 200 bags of garbage. With the garbage came rodents, flies, birds and an unbearable stench. Only a small wooden fence separates the two backyards, so it was all very much exposed.

“It was bad, it was really bad. I saw so many mice,” she said. “I was afraid to go into my backyard that summer. I felt like a prisoner. The tenants were removed and the yard was cleared, but that wasn’t her only option, say city departments.

Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division employs officers who investigate these types of issues. Noise complaints are considered “behavioral issues.” In those cases, the division would request that the complainant keep a log of the incidents and eventually become a star witness shou christian louboutin shoes ld the City decide to prosecute.

The garbage bags are another story.

“That is definitely a municipal bylaw infraction and it is something we would act upon,” said Italo Joe Luzi, Etobicoke York District’s supervisor of Municipal Licensing and Standards. “Our staff would go investigate, validate the complaint, we would issue an order to the registered property owner, and then give the owner six days to clear the property.”

But a backyard full of trash may be an exceptional example of a neighbour dispute. Others are more mundane, but no less annoying to those involved, especially if there is a dispute over how to handle the situation.

Mr. Vitiello recalls renovating a semi detache christian louboutin shoes d home he used to own about 20 years ago, when a s christian louboutin shoes quirrel infestation in his porch roof forced him to call in pest removal help.

“[The squirrels] happened to have a flap in the roof up there that they got in and out of. We screened it over, but then it turned out that they also had one on [the neighbour’s] side,” Mr. Vitiello said. “The issue was getting the neighbours to let us on to their property.”

He faced similar issues with a leaky roof and a shared fence.

“You’re trying to work on your half, but you’re interfering with someone else’s life,” he said. “You truly are, there’s no way around it.”

An independent mediator group, Toronto Mediation Services, has dealt with plenty of these types of complaints. They visit the site of disputes, clarify the issues between neighbours and try to find a mutual agreement without involving legal action.

“Neighbour disputes, generally, are prevalent,” said Bob Bhalla, a mediator at the service. “The good thing about semi detached properties is that people understand at the end of the day that you’ve got to live next door to these people, so you need to be co operative.”

Mr. Bhalla, who originally worked in the field in his native England, sees a contrast between neighbour disputes in his homeland and his adopted home.

“What I do find is Canadians are generally nice people,” he said. “Here, I find, people have a genuine desire to fix the problem.”

christian louboutin shoes Parting is such sweet sorrow

Parting is such sweet sorrow

victory when Ross Taylor was going big guns. It has been a maelstrom ofYet as I sit here making my final entry for this blog, there is this sense of calm. True christian louboutin shoes we are all a bit upset. Who would not be, if the team you supported for a month, who came back from the dead in the middle of the tournament, who went out there match after match in the hope of glory, in the search of victory, lost in the finals? And what makes it

even harder is that it was not a one sided affair. The boys fought till the end. From the oldest member of the squad to the youngest, the intent to win was shown clear on the field. But then i guess things like this happen in sport.

But somewhere I am happy. In my entire career of cheerleading, there have been so many times that we have cheered for teams who just could not get their act right on the field. Not so here. This team was right at the top. They turned around, fought with conviction and never gave up easily. It was matter of pride to cheer for them. Because they lived by the game and they fought for their belief.

There is this feeling of a vacuum. Of realising that the roar of the crowds has been silenced. Today evening or tomorrow there will not be another match with 20,000 people screaming their lungs out when a wicket falls or a six is hit. To christian louboutin shoes morrow we won’t shiver on the stands in the cold of the night. Tomorrow we probably will be back home where people do not really know what the fuss is all abo christian louboutin shoes ut when you talk about cricket. Tomorrow it will be watching a Knicks game on television. I guess it is time to pack up

and call for the taxi to the airport.

Every journey has an end. I guess that’s the beauty of any journey. Sure, it’s been tiring, it’s been cold, and for once i am not complain christian louboutin shoes ing about going back home for some well deserved rest. Living for nearly a couple of months on the road and sleeping in hotels can be hectic, and the thought of home definitely sounds nice.

Will I be missing this? Hell, yes! How can you not miss the crowds, the excitement, the adulation and the experience? Both South Africa and India have been etched in my consciousness. From the busy bazaars, to the animal safaris; from the land of the diverse to the land of rainbows it has been a journey like I have never undertaken before.

So yes the bags are packed and the adieus said. In a matter of a few hours we should be across the Cape, flying back to our families, our friends, Papa John’s and Starbucks. Homeward bound.

The last ball has been bowled , the umpires have taken the bails off and we have been left with some snapshots for our family albums. Until next time if there is ever one adios!

christian louboutin shoes parties spurn OUJAC students

parties spurn OUJAC students

Only a few months ago, they dictated terms to political parties. Now, denied election tickets and recognition for their contribution to christian louboutin shoes the Telangana agitation, students of the Osmania University Joint Action Committee (OUJAC) find themselves in political wilderness.

With constant pressure on the political class, the OUJAC had kept the movement for separate Statehood alive, sometimes even going to the extent of physically attacking politicians of the ruling and opposition parties alike.

have belittled our sacrifices, laments Punna Kailash Netha, TSJAC leader. Another prominent face of the OUJAC, Manne Krishank concurs. OU students were still being used by the parties to attack each other, but none had committed to fielding them, he says. should get at least 10 per cent seats.

Students are outraged with the political class and promise to hit back.

the political parties have used them is an undeniable fact. But f christian louboutin shoes or their incessant clashes with the police that kept the campus on the boil, the agitation wouldn have been so intense, agrees a senior professor, who adds that while threats of the students may seem tame, the parties could be in for a surprise.

A few, however, could make it. OUJAC chairman Pidamarthi Ravi is the TRS candidate for the Sattupalli Assembly segment. A few others like Rajaram Yadav and Anjaneya Goud have been assured tickets by the TDP. Daruvu Yellanna, Marri Anil and Rudra Reddy, who were active in the movement, hope that their services will be recognised.

contribution is a notch above than the political JAC headed by Prof. Kodandaram, argues Kailash Netha. of their leaders went to jail. We were jailed and hundreds of cases were foisted against us. We put our future at stake, unlike them. Their jobs were safe, he says.

However, a section of OU teachers say the student participation in the movement and the granting of poll tickets could not be viewed from the same prism.

should accept the party ideology and work for it before seeking a ticket, says OU Teachers Association (OUTA) president Battu Satyanarayana. participation [in the movement] cannot be the criterion. Another senior teacher Laxmikanth Rathod says students have to win over the people in their constituencies before seeking a ticket.

students role cannot be undermined, but they have not worked in constituencies. No party would like to impose their candidates on the locals. Moreover, money and caste play a crucial role in the selection, he says.

Money bags do matter and winnability is the prime criterion for any party, and OU students seem to have lost the race due to these. The politicians were cheating everyone. The OUJAC was just another cog in that wheel. This is going to happen to everyone. Finally the people benefiting the most out of T would be the politicians. The rest would get some peanuts.

Posted on: Apr 6, 2014 at 14:04 IST

OU student christian louboutin shoes s contribution for separate Telangana struggle and formation of separate state is highly commendable. OU students christian louboutin shoes should be proud of this achievement with blessings of people of Telangana region for generations to come. OU students should now concentrate on good and quality education and facilities in Telangana for all children in govt schools/colleges/universities. I am a alumni of OU of the year 1979.

christian louboutin shoes parties in lead dust enforceme

parties in lead dust enforcement

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LINCOLN, Neb. Environmental Protection Agency says it will require dozens of home renovation contract christian louboutin shoes ors and training providers to take additional christian louboutin shoes steps to minimize harmful lead dust.

The EPA says settlements christian louboutin shoes were reached with 17 contractors that didn obtain required certification. Twenty one settlements involve violations for failing to follow lead safe work practices. Three cases involve general contractors that didn ensure that subcontractors followed safety lead dust safety standards.

The enforcement actions led to more than $274,000 in civil penalties.

The EPA says that between May 2013 and January 2014, it settled enforcement actions with three Nebraska parties. They are James and Dona Jungers, of Lincoln; Painting Done Right, also of Lincoln; and Dennis Barker, of Fairbury. aircraft carriers in Gulf if war breaks outTed Cruz releases 76 item list of Obama actionsRedskins 2014 draft class focuses on depth, not stars

christian louboutin shoes Parties call for a bandh in Pu

Parties call for a bandh in Pune

Pune, Aug 21: Political parties and social organisations have called for a bandh in the city on Wednesday to protest the murder of anti superstition crusader Narendra Dabholkar.

A protest march was taken out by students and citizens against the murder of the activist, who spearheaded the anti superstition movement in Maharashtra and pressed for an enactment of law to ban black magic and inhuman practices.

However, police are still clueless about the identity of the culprits, even as a sketch of one of the two motorcycle borne suspects, who shot dead Dabholkar, was released yesterday.

Although the police claimed that they had got “some information”, they refused to divulge any details saying it would hamper the investigation. “We do not know who is involved in this and we are probing the case from all angles without ruling out any possibility,” a top police official told reporters.

The 69 year old social activist was shot dead by two motorcycle borne unide christian louboutin shoes ntified assailants at around 7.15 AM yesterday, when he was out for a morning walk on the Omkareshwar Temple bridge in the city.

Four shots were fired at him from close range by the attackers believed to be in the age group of 25 30 years. An eyewitness description of the fleeing assailants and the number plate of the motorbike they rode, is expected to give some leads to the christian louboutin shoes crime branch sleuths, sources said. Dabholkar’s christian louboutin shoes mortal remains were cremated in h christian louboutin shoes is hometown Satara last night.

Osmanabad: Anna Hazare gets ‘death threat’ letter Mumbai: Voters find their names missing from list After eight months, Dabholkar killers elude police net Defective Pune EVM ‘transfers’ all votes to Congress Maha:Large turnout of voters in Pune; Shinde, Supriya cast vote Indian Mujahideen “almost finished”, says Sushilkumar Shinde

christian louboutin shoes Partick Thistle 1 Dundee Unite

Partick Thistle 1 Dundee United 1 Still no home win for Thistle

ALAN ARCHIBALD remains without a home win this season, as his side grind out a point against Dundee United, after Farid El Alagui opener is cancelled out by Gary Fraser second half strike.

ALAN ARCHIBALD remains without a home win this season, as his side grind out a point against Dundee United, after Farid El Alagui opener is cancelled out by Gary Fraser second half strike.

ALAN ARCHIBALD remains without a home win this season, as his side grind out a point against Dundee United, after Farid El Alagui opener is cancelled out by Gary Fraser second half strike.

ALAN ARCHIBALD remains without a home win this season, as his side grind out a point against Dundee United, after Farid El A christian louboutin shoes lagui opener is cancelled out by Gary Fraser second half strike.

PARTICK THISTLE are remarkably still looking for their first home win of the season after goals from Dundee United’s Farid El Alagui and the home side’s Gary Fraser ensured a share of the spoils at Firhill.

El Alagui finished off a good United move just before the half hour but Fraser levelled in the second half after his corner was cleared back to him.

Both sides came into the game in wretched form, Partick without a christian louboutin shoes win in four and Dundee United without a victory in their last six matches.

This was reflected in the starting line ups, with Thistle boss Alan Archibald making three changes to the side that earned a goalless draw at St Mirren last week.

Deadline day loan signing and former Dundee United midfielder Prince Buaben was pitched straight into the side for Aaron Muirhead and with Chris Erskine unable to play against his parent club, Fraser came in alongside Christie Elliot, who replaced James Craigen on the Jags’ right.

Partick’s other loan capture on deadline day, West Ham’s George Moncur, had to settle for a place on the bench.

Jackie McNamara also put his faith in loan signing Curtis Good, the Newcastle United youngster slotting in at the back alongside the returning John Souttar. Mark Wilson replaced Keith Watson, and Stuart Armstrong and Nadir Ciftci also returned to the side.

The home side were the first to threaten after 10 minutes, some lovely link up play between Kallum Higginbotham and Lyle Taylor on the left seeing the ball being worked inside to Fraser, whose low drive from 20 yards had to be turned away smartly by United goalkeeper Radoslaw Cierzniak.

Buaben was taking time to adjust back to the frantic pace of the Scottish game, and he was booked for hauling down Ciftci after 17 minutes after already receiving an earlier warning from referee Willie Collum for a late challenge on Souttar.

United then had a penalty claim as Armstrong was sandwiched between Buaben and Jordan McMillan as he drove into the area, the Arabs captain left furious as referee Collum waved away his appeals.

Almost immediately Thistle charged up the other end and won a corner, Higginbotham’s delivery finding the head of Conrad Balatoni who directed the ball just wide of the right hand post.

Another driven corner by Higginbotham caused more havoc in the United box, and again it was Balatoni who had the opportunity, his right foot effort squirming agonisingly on to Cierzniak’s post.

The visitors had rarely been seen as an attacking force until this point, however they served Thistle with a warning when the excellent Andrew Robertson cut inside from the left and tested Gallacher with a right foot curler from the edge of the area.

Partick failed to take heed though, and on 29 minutes United were in front. Gary MacKay Steven showed great feet to evade two challenges and played the ball inside McMillan to release the marauding Robertson up the left wing. The full back skipped around Lee Mair and squared for the unmarked El Alagui to finish from eight yards.

The visitors started to take control of proceedings and after Stuart Bannigan had been booked for christian louboutin shoes a crude foul on Mackay Steven on 28 minutes, the United winger set up another great chance for El Alagui.

His clever flick found the on loan Brentford striker inside the box, and he drew a great double save from Paul Gallacher before the ball was eventually scrambled clear.

Thistle centre half Balatoni then decided to take matters into his own hands to bring the home side back into it, driving forward from the back through the United midfield before slipping a clever b christian louboutin shoes all through to Taylor. With just the goalkeeper to beat, the striker could only drag his right foot effort wide of the target.

christian louboutin shoes participatory projectBeing

participatory project

Being involved in Read/Land was a truly valuable experience for me this semester. Looking back on the project, I can say with utter confidence that it was a success.

From christian louboutin shoes the very beginning I was quite excited about the potential of this project. The pitch that Erin put together was the perfect starting point as it was poetic and elicited a christian louboutin shoes sense of nostalgia it reflected the types of contributions that we wanted to receive. I think that’s what separated our project from the others, in that we were asking for detailed and deep responses, not just a picture or a sentence. We needed an audience to invest time in our project and to love the idea as much as we did.

We marketed our pitch through Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and ABC Pool. As someone who is completely clueless with using Tumblr, I immediately said that I would help monitor Facebook something I’m more comfortable with. I enjoyed commenting on peoples submissions as “Read/Land” rather than myself, this was something that I hadn’t done before and wasn’t even aware could be donevery cool!

Erin then came up with the idea of targeting the blind or deaf community to add some texture to the piece. This really sparked interest in me and I instantly said that I would take this on. I contacted the St Kilda School for the Deaf and tried to explain to them the concept of Read/Land in just a few sentences (surprisingly quite the challenge!). The lady at reception was lovely and agreed to not only send the flyer out to her students but also those at the Children’s School of the Deaf. Using Erin’s initial pitch, I began to edit it to make it less wordy and less lengthy. Whilst it was beautifully written, I was very aware of the fact that it would now need to be accessible to young children and their families, rather than media students and professionals. I altered the pitch to make it less rhythmic and a little more explanatory. Unfortunately this avenue never really ‘took off’ and we had no contributions from either of the schools. Looking back now I can see that perhaps it was the wrong audience to target in regards to age. That said; I’m so glad that we gave it a shot because now we know that in future we need to be very age specific when approaching specific audiences. Lesson learned decide on a target age and market to solely to them.

In regards to contributions I think that we ended up with a beautiful myriad of responses and talents. We had pictures submitted, stories, letters, documentaries and even poems. In week eight I met up with an older gentlemen, who a family member had introduced me to, and interviewed him about his journey with the land. He told me the story of his father and the family’s migration to Australia. It was a touching story and inspired me to write a short poem about his milestones. I’m glad that we all physically went out there and got contributions because that made us so much more i christian louboutin shoes nvested in the whole project. After hearing someone tell you their story directly, and let you in on their private life, you just feel so much more passionate about the entire thing! Very inspiring.

I was quite shattered when I found out that I would be hosting RWAV and unable to make it to the group presentation. When you work on something for nearly two months and invest so much time into it, you really want to see it through to the end. Having to help organize the radio show meant that I took a step back from helping out the group in the last week. I felt quite guilty about this however we all worked so solidly throughout the project that most of the material for the presentation was already written and just needed collating and organising. Megan, Erin and Blake did a fantastic job in mine and Zoe’s absence, and they should be commended for their efforts throughout the whole semester.

Overall I’m thrilled about the journey we took, the contributions we evoked, and the final product that we presented. I’m so proud to say that I was a part of it all. This project has helped me so much in terms of my future in the media industry. I have recently started writing for a blog and I’m doing my own social media distribution. I would be finding this task all the more difficult if I hadn’t experienced distribution through the participatory project. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this project has shown me the importance of reaching a selected audience knowing who they are and knowing the best way to interact with them. The entire Read/Land experience was enjoyable and invaluable!

i must begin this post with brutal honesty and say that the title was originally voyage weekly reflections you been permanently outsourced to never again land! i thought that was a little harsh though haha ! i joke i joke they weren THAT bad !

i will continue with brutal honesty and say that i really have not done much at all this past week for im2. the presentation is on monday however Zoe and i will be presenting our RWAV show and are unable to attend presentations. for this reason i definitely fallen into the trap of taking a back seat. i wrote the part i was allocated to write last week so that this week i could focus entirely on RWAV and i have. i shall leave it at that for now as i will go into more detail in my final self assessment post to be posted next week.

thats rights, this is my week eleven reflection and by golly, i am sick of reflecting ! not much has been happening in the land of IM2 this week. there was no lecture and only a 30 minute tute session to discuss the presentations in week 13. which reminds me, Zoe and i will be unable to make the presentations as we have our room with a view show . i was actually quite shattered when i discovered this. i guess that when you spend so much time working on a project, you want to see it through to the very end. at least megan, erin and blake will all be there to present our piece in style (yes there was talk of

i got my tweet back ! after my persona presentation in week 6 i sort of slacked off twitter a little, but never fear, i getting back in the game. just in time for NBA season too !

we now have a much better idea of what needs to go into our presentation. evidently we all got caught up in ticking the boxes of some criteria that we saw online all about marketing, statistics, plans etc. at least now we know exactly was Marius wants us to focus on, and that way we aren stuck with fifteen minutes worth of content for a five minute presentation. success ! i will be focusing on writing about the failures of Read/Land which may be the hardest task yet as undoubtedly there were no failures. i joke i joke, but honestly there werent any failures, just ideas that weren that effective, and things we would do differently in the future.

the blog seems to be just about either Read/Land or Audio Arts (radio project) at the moment. did i complain about this in my reflection last week? im feeling some deja vu.

Some say that its about the journey, other’s insist it’s the destination that counts. Read/Land has both a journey and a destination. The end of a journey is never quite clear when you begin. Aims and goals are set, in the hope that they will be achieved through the actions taken. In order for a concept to be realized, one must become engrossed with it: encapsulated by what it means, how it affects you and all those around you. We want Read/Land to become a success, an archive, and for this reason we devoted time, effort and planning into the project. After all, participation is the key for success. A journey won’t start if you don’t pack your bags and get going. Set off across the land so to speak.

The destination is one of self discovery. It is a task of contemplation and reflection: of considering your relationship with the land. It is reminiscence, a memory, and a journey back in time. Perhaps you will learn something about your family that you never knew. Perhaps such contemplation will cause you to recall happenings that you had long forgotten. We hope that individuals who choose to share their story feel a benefit from this generosity. We want them to be prou christian louboutin shoes d of the story they shared, and be proud of the fact that they gave their family/land/story the recognition it deserved. It is a personal task and a personal venture. We hope for truth and feeling, and affective tales.

We hope our outcome will be in the journey of the participant, as well as in the form of a final collated project. In whatever form we choose to display be it Tumblr, an audio compilation, a website: this collation will represent the journey and story of many. It will be a creation of emotion and a personal artifact. We would have achieved the stories closest to people’s hearts, and we hope that people will view this project and feel something as a direct result.

This week began with a guest lecture by Fee Plumley. It was a fantastic lecture. i began a blog post to blog during the lecture but about half way through i found myself just sitting and absorbing everything Fee had to say, not too fussed about even taking it down. i guess its kind of like what she was saying about putting the phone down and just enjoying the moment. theres no need to make a record, a visual reminder, or a status about everything, some things are left better kept in the mind!

not too much to reflect on this week. here are a few points, a few progress notes if you will:

the good stuff about this week:

Read/Land is all organised and we have allocated parts of the pitch to everyone to complete, meaning that we are to date with our production schedule.

both readings are done and discussed in blogs posts adhering to my self assessment criteria.

my blog posts have become heavily Read/Land based. there don seem to be any posts for Im2 other than reflections and Read/land. ill take note of this coming in to the next week.

some say that its not about the destination, rather what you learn along the way. others say it doesn matter how you get there, as long as you get there in the end. i don really know what i say

when im thinking about maths, then its definitely destination not journey. if you get the right answer, who cares how you got it ! perhaps this is because i was never really good at maths. if i did happen to get an answer, it was always ever a fluke. when i think about lessons in life however, i think journey over destination. the final prize never tastes as sweet as when you worked your butt off for it. am i allowed to say butt in a post which is meant to be somewhat of a professional reflection? probably not i digress.

Read/Land, i feel, is about the journey. its about getting involved in sharing. is there a destination for sharing? it makes no sense to put a deadline on it. the whole thing is a journey. for my person journey on this project i just want to feel involved. i want to be able to look at the final product and know how much time and effort i invested in it. for contributors, i want their journey to be about inspiration. i want them to feel proud about the story they shared. i want them to know that they gave their family/land/story the recognition it deserved. i want them to feel fulfilled.

when we reach the end of this project, the destination so to speak, pride is the ultimate ending to look at all the pieces we collected and feel like we done justice to our history. we would have help archive the stories closest to people hearts. i cant think of a more rewarding feeling. as it stands now, i know we will have a plethora of stories: time spent with the land, and i look forward to see them collated in one place. thats my idea of a destination for Read/Land; variety, depth, expression, honesty and heart.

going well, we have printed out the flyers and are in the process of plastering them around melbourne

i finally sent off the email to the Deaf association of Victoria so hopefully we see some action there

we had a very successfull meeting on monday where we discussed plans for the next few weeks and also set ourselves tasks to have done in the next week. Keeping the ball rolling: you betcha!

christian louboutin shoes Participants in the infamous 1

Participants in the infamous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment reflect on how that study changed their lives

Stanford University’s alumni magazine has a fascinating article in its July/August issue about the infamous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, a psychological study of prison life that went horribly wrong.

The study has, of course, been the subject of several books and documentaries. military and intelligence personnel at prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. But to mark the study’s 40th anniversary, Stanford alum (and Bloomberg Businessweek deputy editor) Romesh Ratnesar went back to several of the experiment’s key participants and asked them for their recollections of what happened during those six days in the basement of the Stanford psychology building and how it changed their lives. If you’re unfamiliar with the study, this article would be a good place to begin.

The experiment was led by professor Philip Zimbardo, then in his late 30s. He and his team recruited 24 male students, who were randomly divided into two groups: prisoners and guards. The students were told they would be paid $15 a day and that the expe christian louboutin shoes riment would run for two weeks.

As Ratnesar explains, “no one knew what, exactly, they were getting into. Forty years later, the Stanford Prison Experiment remains among the most notable and notorious research projects ever carried out at the University. For six days, half the study’s participants endured cruel and dehumanizing abuse at the hands of their peers. At various times, they were taunted, stripped naked, deprived of sleep and forced to use plastic buckets as toilets. Some of them rebelled violently; others became hysterical or withdrew into despair. As the situation descended into chaos, the researchers stood by and watched until one of their colleagues finally spoke out.”

In addition to Zimbardo, Ratnesar interviewed a graduate student who assisted with the study, two of the student “guards,” one of the “prisoners” (who led a “prison revolt” during the experiment), and the female psychologist who became appalled when she saw what was going on and ultimately persuaded Zimbardo to halt the experimen christian louboutin shoes t. During the study, when we decided to move prisoners to different parts of the prison, we realized that they were going to see where they were and be reminded they’re not in a prison they’re just in the psych building at Stanford. We didn’t want that to happen. So we put paper bags over their heads. The first time I saw that, it was shocking. By the next day we’re putting bags on their heads and not thinking about it. That happens all the time in real correctional facilities. You get used to it. I do a lot of work in solitary confinement units, on the psychological effects of supermax prisons. In pl christian louboutin shoes aces like that, when prisoners undergo the so called therapy counseling, they are kept in actual cages. Christina Maslach, who had just finished her PhD, came down the night before. She’s standing outside the guard quarters and watches the guards line up the prisoners for the 10 o’clock toilet run. The prisoners come out, and the guards put bags over their heads, chain their feet together and make them put their hands on each other’s shoulders, like a chain gang. They’re yelling and cursing at them. Christina starts tearing up. She said, “I can’t look at this.” I ran after her and we had this argument outside Jordan Hall. She said, “It’s terrible what you’re doing to these boys. How can you see what I saw and not care about the suffering?” But I didn’t see what she saw. And I suddenly began to feel ashamed. This is when I realized I had been transformed by the prison study to become the prison administrator. At that point I said, “You’re right. We’ve got to end the study.”

Maslach was dating Zimbardo at the time, and soon became his wife. Interestingly, it was that relationship, she told Ratnesar, that enabled her to speak out. She said she wasn’t sure that she would have had the courage to confront Zimbardo if they had been only work colleagues.

The experiment generated immediate controversy. Although a 1973 review by the American Psychological Association found that the experiment hadn’t breached existing ethical standards, those standards were later revised to ensure against any similar kinds of behavioral studies.

You can read all the interviews, and see photos of the participants (including some taken during the experiment itself) at Stanford Magazi christian louboutin shoes ne’s website.

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