christian louboutin shoes Passengers pushed to the limit

Passengers pushed to the limit by airlines’ increased baggage fees

Barber was doing her best to channel George Clooney’s checked bags are for suckers character in the Oscar nominated movie “Up in the Air.” Who can blame her? Last year, airlines reported nearly four cases of mis christian louboutin shoes handled bags among every 1,000 passengers, even as they started charging more for checked luggage to increase revenues. As a result, passengers are increasingly and frantically searching for alternatives. They are packing their belongings more methodicall christian louboutin shoes y into carry on bags (and carrying too many of those onboard), leaving behind items they would normally travel with, shipping luggage to their destinations, or deliberately taking oversize bags to the gate in the hope that gate agents will check them for free.

The TSA screens any bag that fits through its X ray machines, but it’s up to the airlines to determine carry on sizes. And they’re all different. A JetBlue carry on can’t be longer than 17 inches, for instance, while Frontier allows up to 24 inches. It’s also up to the airlines to enforce their carry on rules, so many have sizers at their check in counters to let people measure their bags. American even designed new sizers for each of its gates. But on recent visits to two airports, I didn’t see a single passenger measuring a bag.

What concerned him was the possibility that the airline would lose his bags. That had happened during a flight in November, leaving him without a change of clothes for a day. He was not about to let it occur again on his way to a meeting in Johannesburg. (He’s the elephant manager at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.) His flight from Columbus had been full, which meant that he had to battle other passengers for a coveted spot in the overhead bin. But he won. He had to hold his coa christian louboutin shoes t on his lap for the whole f christian louboutin shoes light, but it was worth it, he said.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers on disabled cruise

Passengers on disabled cruise ship using plastic bags for toilets

HOUSTON (AP) Passengers onboard a disabled cruise ship being towed to shore in the Gulf of Mexico told relatives they are using plastic bags to do “their business” and are otherwise trying to make the best of a bad situation by sleeping under the stars instead of in their stuffy, hot cabins.

Jimmy Mowlam, 63, said his 37 year old son, Rob Mowlam, told him by phone Monday night that the lack of ventilation onboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Triumph had made it too hot to sleep inside. He said Rob and his new bride they got married onboard Saturday are among the many passengers who have set up camp on the ocean liner’s decks and in its common areas.

“He said up on deck it looks like a shanty town, with sheets, almost like tents, mattresses, anything else they can pull to sleep on,” said Mowlam, 63, who is from Warren, in southeast Texas. His son is from nearby Nederland.

The ship left Galveston, Texas, for a four day cruise last Thursday carrying 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members. On Sunday, the ship was about 150 miles off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula when an engine room fire knocked out its primary power source, crippling its water and plumbing systems and leaving it adrift on only a backup power.

There were no reported injuries caused by the fire, but Carnival spokeswoman Joyce Oliva said Tuesday that a passenger with a pre existing medical condition was taken off the ship as a precaution.

Everyone else will likely have to remain onboard until the ship reaches Mobile, Ala., which is expected to happen Thursday, weather permitting.

Besides the two tugs, at least two other Carnival cruise ships have been diverted to the Triumph to leave supplies and a 210 foot Coast Guard cutter was at the scene, Coast Guard Petty Officer Richard Brahm said Tuesday.

“If they do need an christian louboutin shoes y help, we’re there,” he said.

Mowlam said his son told him there is no running water and few working toilets and passengers were given plastic bags to “use for their business.”

“But so far people have been pretty much taking it in stri christian louboutin shoes de,” Mowlam said his son told him.

Rob Mowlam told his father the ship’s crew had started giving away free alcohol to passengers.

“He was concerned about what that was going to lead to when people start drinking too much,” Mowlam said.

Other passengers have described more dire conditions, including overflowing toilets and li christian louboutin shoes mited access to food.

Texas resident Brent Nutt, whose wife is on the cruise ship, said Monday that she told him the “whole boat stinks extremely bad” and some passengers were getting sick and throwing up. Nutt said his wife reported “water and feces all over the floor.”

Carnival hasn’t determined what caused the fire or how it caused the electrical problems that have crippled the ship’s water and plumbing systems, said Oliva, the company spokeswoman.

The National Transportation Safety Board announced Tuesday it has opened an investigation into the cause of the fire. The NTSB said the Bahamas Maritime Agency will lead the investigation because the ship carries a Bahamian flag.

The ship was originally going to be towed to the port in Progreso, Mexico, but after currents pushed it northward, a decision was made to take it to Mobile to make it easier for passengers without passports to get home, the company said.

A similar situation occurred on a Carnival cruise ship in November 2010. That vessel was also stranded for three days with 4,500 people aboard after a fire in the engine room. When the passengers disembarked in San Diego they described a nightmarish three days in the Pacific with limited food, power and bathroom access.

Carnival said in a statement that it christian louboutin shoes had cancelled the Triumph’s next two voyages scheduled to depart Monday and Saturday. Passengers aboard the stranded ship will also receive a full refund, the statement said.

This past September my wife and I took Princess cruises to a week’s tour of Alaska. We thoroughly enjoyed the train ride at one of the ports, and the food was reasonably good and plentiful, but I got the impression that the main reason for the cruise was to promote jewelry sales. Every port was cluttered with jewelry stores and there was even an on board promotional show to push jewelry sales.

Alcohol was unreasonably high priced and espresso drinks were likewise a rip off.

But wife person enjoyed it, and for me, that is what mattered.

It really is one of the most economical ways to take a vacation. You can see multiple locations, without having to pack and unpack, as you would in hotels. You also have the option of eating at several fare included venues aboard ship, and the food is excellent, and presented well. The provided activities and entertainment are top notch.You can do as much, or as little, as you like.

I have been on several cruises, over the last few years, and I have never approached a crewmember, who did not greet me with a brilliant smile and a willingness to grant any reasonable request. If I have had any unpleasant experiences aboard a cruise ship, it has been due to the behavior of another passenger, not a member of the crew.

Other commenters have made valid points about the maintenance of the ships’ systems. I agree, that some cruise lines are more interested in their profit margin. Most of the times, the crew has little more than 2 4 hours to offload passengers, only to scramble to be ready for the next group board for a same day turn around to the next cruise. As a passenger, I have never seen the workings of the maintenance crew. But, then, if they are doing their jobs right, everything seems seamless, and unseen.

Giventhe massive amount of work they have to do, I am surprised incidents like this one, isn’t more common. I feel badly for all the people who are having an obviously difficult time, and I pray for their comfort .

christian louboutin shoes Passengers oblivious to brazen

Passengers oblivious to brazen graffiti bandit

A M christian louboutin shoes etro spokesman told ninemsn the transport company’s asset protection unit together with transit police was reviewing CCTV vision in an effort to track down the offender.

The spokesman said incidents of graffiti put trains out of service for up to eight hours for cleaning at a cost of over $7.5m per year.

Police voiced their concern over increasingly risky measures taken by vandals as they try to outdo each other.

Travellers who spot offenders are urged to press the red emergency button inside the carriage or to phone police christian louboutin shoes .

In a Victorian first last year, 41 year old Jason Bath was forced to declare bankruptcy christian louboutin shoes after he refused to pay Metro $25,000 in compensation for a 10 year graffiti rampage on more than 100 train carriages.

He was jaile christian louboutin shoes d for six months with his three co offenders James Chuter, 22, Andrew Dyson, 33, and David Mazzei, 27 placed on community correction orders and made to do unpaid community work.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers lose their booze as

Passengers lose their booze as TSA alcohol rules are ignored

Then all those spirits, federally classified as low level hazardous material, are destroyed, be they cheap wine or fine cognac.As much as $200,000 worth of booze each month may be being poured down the drain or incinerated into smoke because not all passengers observe the TSA rule limiting carry on containers to 3 ounces of liquid. And that happens not just in South Florida, but nationwide as well. Because of its large number of cruise and international passengers passing through duty free shops, each month Miami International sees more than 4 1/2 tons of alcoholic beverages, or more than 4,000 bottles, blocked at its checkpoints, among the highest total for any airport in the nation.”It varies month to month. But it has steadily increased,” said Rick Thomas, TSA security director at MIA.The problem, he said, is that finding and removing the liquor from carry ons creates delays and longer lines.”And if we have to get into verbal discussion with a passenger who doesn’t understand the policy, that slows down the process even more,” he said.At both Fort Lauderdale Hollywood and Palm Beach International airports, one to two bottles per day are the usual catch, TSA officials said.Since then, most of the intercepted alcohol has been purchased on cruise ships, in Caribbean liquor stores or on international flights, none of which provide passengers with much warning that it cannot be stuffed in christian louboutin shoes to carry on bags. In addition, gallons of perfume are intercepted, the TSA said.To get on a flight legitimately, liquor must be packed in checked luggage.However, by the time travelers arrive at the checkpoint, it’s usually too late to slip a bottle into a checked bag, said Greg Meyer, spokesman fo christian louboutin shoes r Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International.”It’s really a situation where the consumer has to educate himself what he can or can’t do,” he said.In TSA jargon, the alcohol is “intercepted,” not confiscated, because passengers have options with what to do with the bottles, rather than just surrender them. They could leave the security line to try to check them with other baggage, or hand them off to a friend or relative who dropped them off at the airport, but officials say that happens rarely.Diego Romano, general manager of Libation the Joy of Wine in Weston, estimated the TSA nets 4,500 bottles of liquor a month in South Florida, based on the agency’s estimate of about 5 tons of product stopped monthly.”Depending on what it is, it could be worth anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000,” he said.TSA officials said most of the alcohol tends to be expensive brands.”What a waste,” lamented Sherry Friedlander, executive director of A Child is Missing, who would like to see the alcohol donated to a charity like hers for sale at auction. “It’s just throwing away dollars. It doesn’t make sense.”Friedlander said her Fort Lauderdale based organization, which helps police find missing children, Alzheimer’s patients or even college students, needs about $500,000 a year to keep running. She said donated liquor sold at silent auctions would help.But the TSA says it can’t take the risk of donating liquor because a bottle could be tampered with or improperly sealed. And it doesn’t want to deal with recovering bottles passengers may toss into the trash at security checkpoints.The best solution, TSA officials said, is for travelers to be better educated about the “3 1 1” guidelines for carry on items, which call for 3 ounce containers to be placed in a 1 quart size clear plastic zip lock bag, with a limit of one of those bags per passenger.Veteran travelers John and Margaret Koegle of Cincinnati took heed of the TSA regulation christian louboutin shoes when they bought several bottles of liqueurs on a recent Caribbean cruise. They then cushioned the bottles in air filled bags, packed them in their checked luggage and sailed through security at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International.”We pay close attention to the rules,” John Koegle, 81, said.Although it might seem the discarded liquor could end up in the hands of TSA or airport workers, the agency says it is tightly controlled.If liquor is thrown out before a passenger reaches the security checkpoint, janitorial companies at South Florida’s three airports are not allowed to scavenge the bottles under county contracts. For instance, at the Fort Lauderdale airport, workers for Sunshine Cleaning Systems could be fired if they go throu christian louboutin shoes gh trash bins for liquor, said Bruce Walker, the company’s project director.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers in all reserved cla

Passengers in all reserved classes must carry proof of ID from Dec

This according to the Railways is an initiative to facilitate the travel of bon christian louboutin shoes afide passengers and to reduce the scope for misuse of reserved ticketing system by unscrupulous elements or middlemen. Passengers in reserved classes of Second Class (2S); Sleeper Class (SL); III Economy Class (3E) and First Class (FC) with effect from December 1 have to show one of the prescribed proof of identity.

The Railways has expanded the list of prescribed proofs of identity by including p christian louboutin shoes hoto identity cards having serial numbers issued by Public Sector undertakings of State / Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal Administrations and Panchayat Administrations.

The new list of prescribed proofs of identity for undertaking journey is: 1. Voter Photo Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India; 2. Photo Identity Card having serial number issued by Central / State Government such as: Pension Pay Orders (PPO), Ration Card with photographs, Senior Citizen Cards, Below Poverty Line Cards, ESI Cards with photograph issued for taking treatment in ESI dispensaries; CGHS Cards with photograph issued to individual family members of Central Government employees; 6. St christia christian louboutin shoes n louboutin shoes udent Identity Card with photograph issued by recognised School/College for their Students; 7. Nationalised Bank Passbook with photographs; 8. Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph; 9. Unique Identification Card 10. Photo ID cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertakings of State/Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal Bodies and Panchayat Administrations.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers fly into rage over

Passengers fly into rage over plastic bag fee

Passengers at Dublin Airport hav to pay 1 for two plastic security bags.

Many travellers expressed annoyance at christian louboutin shoes having to pay for the bags, which had been christian louboutin shoes provided free of charge by Dublin Airport over the past 30 months at a cost of 150,000.

“I think people will bring their own bags in future. It’s a bit steep. You could probably buy 20 for 1 in a shop,” said Anne Taylor from Clondalkin in Dublin.

The bags can be bought at the 10 vending machines throughout the airport. The charge has been introduced in a number of airports across Europe, including Shannon.

Sarah Thornbury from Belfast said she “always liked” Dublin Airport because passengers didn’t have to pay for bag christian louboutin shoes s. “I’ve always had to pay for them in Belfast. It’s not too big an inconvenience as long as they’re readily available,” she said.

“I don’t mind paying for the bags. 1 is a bit steep, maybe 25 cent would be better,” Noreen Lawless from Co Meath said.

“The feedback has been fine. Passengers are taking it in their stride and there has been no fuss whatsoever. A lot of people have experienced it in other airports so they are used to it,” the spokeswo christian louboutin shoes man said.

The DAA encouraged passengers to bring their own plastic bags.

“That way, they are prepared coming to the airport; they’ll have their liquids in their bags already and they will get through security quicker,” she said.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers describe ‘sewage ru

Passengers describe ‘sewage running down the walls’ and people acting like ‘savages’

Foul conditions aboard stranded Carnival cruise ship Triumph: Passengers describe ‘sewage running down the walls’ and people acting like ‘savages’

Since a fire broke out in an engine room Sunday morning, the Carnival Triumph has been drifting off the coast of Mexico. A total of 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew have been forced to make do with cold food, no hot water, sweltering indoor temperatures, and few working toilets. A tow boat is expected Thursday afternoon, after an initial plan to tow the ship to a port in Mexico was scrapped. Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous patrols near the cruise ship Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico, in this February 11, 2013 handout photo. The cruise ship lost propulsion after an engine room fire on February 10 and was adrift off southern Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

Aboard the crippled Carnival Triumph cruise ship, no one feels like celebrating.

Two days after a fire knocked out power to the ship and left it drifting 150 miles off the coast of Mexico, tugboats labored to drag the boat and its 4,200 weary and fed up passengers to its unscheduled final destination, Mobile, Alabama.

With few working toilets and its a christian louboutin shoes ir conditioning out of commission as the boat crawls along at 5 to 8 miles per hour, the Triumph has turned into a fetid nightmare that won’t end for its passengers and crew until the boat docks on Thursday afternoon, according to ABC News.

“The odor is so bad it’s making them sick,” Brent Nutt, whose wife Bethany was on board, told CNN. “They’re vomiting and stuff all over the boat just from the odor. There’s feces all over the floor.”

At a news conference in Miami on Tuesday, Carnival Cruise Lines President and CEO Gerry Cahill said that the company had booked 1,500 christian louboutin shoes hotel rooms in Mobile and New Orleans where passengers could stay after disembarking from their cruise from hell. Coast Guard shows tug boats in the distance arriving to steer the Carnival Triumph back to port.

“I need to apologize to our guests and to our families that have been affected by a very difficult situation,” Cahill said. “There is no question that conditions aboard the ship are very challenging.”

Since losing power, the interior portions of the 14 story shop have been turned into a sweltering, gut churning sauna far removed from the vision of the boat as “24 hours of fun a day” that the company promotes on its website.

“Conditions are getting worse by the hour,” passenger Debra Rightmire told ABC News in a text message. “Cabin carpets are w christian louboutin shoes et with urine and water. Toilets are overflowing inside cabins. We are having to sleep in the hallways. Onion and cucumber sandwich last night.”

Another passenger said some people are sleeping in tents on the deck because of a pungent smell caused by improper refrigeration.

This photo was taken by David Raynes who was aboard a cruise ship that stopped to provide assistance to Carnival cruise ship stranded at sea.

“We stood in line for four hours to get a hamburger,” Shelly Crosby texted to ABC News.

A fire in the Triumph’s engine room Sunday morning crippled the enormous ship 150 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, leaving 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members on board with limited power. No one was injured.

The ship set sail from Galveston, Texas, on Feb. 7 and was due to return from Mexico on Feb. 11. After the fire, officials planned to have the boat towed to a Mexican port on Wednesday, but said Monday night that strong currents sent the vessel drifting 90 miles north. Two small ships are slowly pulling the Triumph to Mobile.

Brent Nutt, whose wife, Bethany, is on board, spoke to CNN Sunday night about conditions on the Triumph, which is relying on backup power generators.

The disabled vessel, carrying more than 4,200 people, isn’t expected to reach the shore until Thursday.

“She was crying . and she just wants off of the ship,” Nutt said. “I mean, it’s horrible. There’s no running water. There’s no power. They are having to use the restroom in buckets and bags.”

“It’s like a bunch of savages on there,” he added. “If you get on the blogs, they’re saying that people are fighting over food and stuff.”

Toby Barlow told CNN that his wife, Ann, a passenger on the ship, texted that the plumbing failed and people were defecating in bags and urinating in showers.

She also told him there’s “sewage running down the walls and floors,” he said.

Facebook Brent Nutt, husband of Carnival cruise passenger Bethany Nutt, told CNN that when he spoke with his crying wife, whose cell phone battery was dying with no power on the ship to charge it, she said that there were fights on board over food.

“Elderly and handicap(ped people) are struggling,” she texted, according to CNN. “The smells are gross.”

Carnival, whose advertising tagline is “All for fun, fun for all,” confirmed that passengers were now facing a series of challenges aboard the the Triumph.

“Currently, public and cabin toilets are operational in certain sections of the ship, power has been restored to a limited number of elevators and power in the Lido dining area is providing for hot coffee and limited food service,” Carnival said in a statement posted to its website.

Before power generators were able to re start toilets aboard the boat, passengers were forced to use plastic bags, which they then turned over to crew members, the Wichita Business Journal reported.

HANDOUT/Reuters Af christian louboutin shoes ter a fire in an engine room on Sunday, the Carnival Triumph was stranded at sea 150 miles off the coast of Mexico. The 4,200 passengers and crew abaord the crippled ship have been making do with no air conditioning and limited toilets.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers delayed hours at Pe

Passengers delayed hours at Pearson for flights to the U

Many passengers face another day of long lineups after a number of flights out of Pearson Airport to the United States were cancelled Sunday after long lines caused by heightened security checks caused massive flight delays.One passenger told 680News that he had waited for over seven hours, on Sunday, for a flight to Orlando only to be told that it was being cancelled and that he would have to return to the airport Monday.Air Canada says it is consolidating affected flights and operating larger aircraft on those routes to try to minimize the impact on passengers.Passengers traveling to the United States are being subjected to pat downs and bag searches at Pearson after Ottawa passed new security restrictions, including limiting the number of bags allowed on flights.Only one carry on bag per traveler is allowed on Air Canada and West Jet flights.It can be a purse, computer bag, diaper bag, briefcase or small back pack, everyth christian louboutin shoes ing else will have to be checked.Even the one small bag may be subject to a couple of searches along the way making the process take longer than usual.Effective immediately, US bound passengers are not allowed to bring carry on bags into the cabin of the aircraft, wi christian louboutin shoes th some exceptions.Passengers may carry with them the following items: medication or medical devices, small purses, christian louboutin shoes cameras, coats, items for care of infants, laptop computers, crutches, canes, walkers, containers carrying life sustaining items, a special needs item, musical instruments, or diplomatic or consular bags.It is expected that delays at Pearson will last until at least Tuesday.Officials at Pearson remind travelers to check the status of their flight ahead of time, and prepare their bags according to the new regulations.These updated sec christian louboutin shoes urity measures have been put in place after a Nigerian man was arrested Christmas Day for being accused of trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.He is being treated for burns at a Michigan hospital where he was charged yesterday in a makeshift courtroom.The accused man father, prominent Nigerian banker, says he told American officials he was concerned about his son religious beliefs but the warning was too vague for the U S to put him on the no fly list.

christian louboutin shoes Passengers charged for ‘oversi

Passengers charged for ‘oversized’ hand luggage

But Hungarian low cost carrier Wizz Air is hoping to put an end to the carry on complaint christian louboutin shoes s by charging passengers who try to sneak large bags on board in a bid to avoid paying fees to check them in, the UK Daily Mail reported.

The issue is more than a simple annoyance, and has been labelled by experts a “serious issue” and a danger to fellow passengers in the event of an incident of accident.

The airline hopes the move will passengers to bring smaller baggage on board and make the boarding process smoother and faster the upside, those who pay up for luggage will also be given priority boarding and first access to the overhead lockers.

The trial will christian louboutin shoes begin on the Luton to Katowice, Poland, route but will be rolled out acr christian louboutin shoes oss their entire network if successful. Other destinations Wizz Air travel to inclu christian louboutin shoes de Prague, Warsaw and Split in Croatia.

christian louboutin shoes passengers celebrate end of mi

passengers celebrate end of miserable Gulf odyssey

Since an engine room fire left the Carnival Triumph powerless in the Gulf of Mexico four days ago, Carnival christian louboutin shoes Cruise Lines officials have been faced with a barrage of questions about the ship and their strategy to safely return passengers to shore.

Read More Ala. Passengers who finally escaped the disabled Carnival cruise ship Triumph were checked into hotels early Friday for a hot shower, food and sleep or riding buses back to Texas after five numbing days at sea on a ship left powerless by an engine room fire.

The vacation ship carrying some 4,200 people docked late Thursday in Mobile after a painfully slow approach that took most of the day. Passengers raucously cheered after days of what they described as overflowing toilets, food shortages and foul odours.

Home Alabama! read one of the homemade signs passengers affixed alongside the 14 story ship as many celebrated at deck rails lining several levels of the stricken ship. CST. Some gave a thumbs up sign and flashes from cameras and cellphones lit the night.

is my first and last cruise. So if anyone wants my free cruise, look me up, said Kendall Jenkins, 24, of Houston, referring to compensation offered by Carnival Cruise Line. Bounding off the ship clad in bathrobes, she and her friend Brittany Ferguson immediately kissed the pavement at the Port of Mobile in Alabama.

It took about four hours for all passengers to disembark.

Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said Triumph guests had three options: board a bus straight to Galveston, Texas, to retrieve cars parked at the ship departure port, take a bus to New Orleans to stay at a hotel before a charter flight home or have family or friends pick them up in Mobile.

Gulliksen said up to 20 charter f christian louboutin shoes lights would leave New Orleans later Friday to take guests who stayed in hotels the christian louboutin shoes re to their final destinations.

Some passengers, like Deborah Knight, 56, of Houston, had no interest in boarding a bus. Here is a sampling:

want a hot shower and a daggum Whataburger, said Knight, who was wearing a bathrobe over her clothes as her bags were unloaded from her husband pickup truck. She said she was afraid to eat the food on board and had gotten sick while on the ship.

Buses arrived in the pre dawn darkness at a Hilton in New Orleans to a host of reporters and paramedics on the scene with wheelchairs to roll in passengers who were elderly or too fat christian louboutin shoes igued to walk.

Many were tired and didn want to talk. There were long lines to check into rooms. Some got emotional as they described the deplorable conditions of the ship.

was horrible, just horrible said Maria Hernandez, 28, of Angleton, Texas, tears welling in her eyes as she talked about waking up to smoke in her lower level room Sunday and the days of heat and stench to follow. She was on a trip with friends.

She said the group hauled mattresses to upper level decks to escape the heat. As she pulled her luggage into the hotel, a flashlight around her neck, she managed a smile and even a giggle when asked to show her red bag distributed by the cruise line for collecting human waste.

This was only part of her journey to get home. Hernandez, like hundreds others, would get to enjoy a brief reprieve at the hotel before flying home later in the day.

just can wait to be home, she said.

It wasn long after the ship pulled into the Port of Mobile that passengers began streaming down the gang plank, some in wheelchairs and others pulling carry on luggage. An ambulance pulled up to a gate and pulled away, lights flashing.

For 24 year old Brittany Ferguson of Texas, not knowing how long passengers had to endure their time aboard was the worst part.

feeling awesome just to see land and buildings, said Ferguson, who was in a white robe given to her aboard to weather the cold nights. scariest part was just not knowing when we get back. V Day read one of the homemade signs made for the Valentine Day arrival and another, more starkly: ship afloat, so is the sewage. few dozen relatives on the top floor of the parking deck of the terminal were waving lights at the ship as it carefully made its way alongside.

Hundreds gawked from dockside at the arrival at the Alabama cruise terminal in Mobile, the state only seaport.

Taxis were lined up waiting for people, and motorists on Interstate 10 stopped to watch the exodus of passengers from the cruise ship.

Some still aboard chanted, me off, let me off! took six grueling hours navigating the 30 odd mile ship channel to dock, guided by at least four towboats. Nearly 900 feet in length, it was the largest cruise ship ever to dock at Mobile.

In texts and flitting cellphone calls, the ship passengers described miserable conditions while at sea.

Galveston is the home port of the ill fated ship, which lost power in an engine room fire Sunday some 150 miles off Mexico Yucatan peninsula. It was the end of a cruise that wasn anything like what a brochure might describe.

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill apologized at a news conference and later on the public address system as people were disembarking.

appreciate the patience of our guests and their ability to cope with the situation. And I like to reiterate the apology I made earlier. I know the conditions on board were very poor, he said. pride ourselves on providing our guests with a great vacation experience, and clearly we failed in this particular case. Ferguson said crew members tried to make the situation bearable.