red bottoms Pecan road realignment begins

Pecan road realignment begins Monday

Motorists are asked to use caution or find alternative routes Monday as construction crews begin intersection improvements at Indian Wells Road, Washington Avenue and Pecan Drive.

The project is schedu red bottoms led to be completed by Jan. 8, according to the city.

The Alamogordo City Commission has contracted $850,000 with Burn Construction, a company from Las Cruces, to realign the roads, which will also inclu red bottoms de installation of a traffic signal, related signs, and pavement striping and markings. The contract also includes removing and replacing the sidewalk, curbs, gutters, pavement and storm drains.

Businesses and residents red bottoms in the area will still have access to their property during construction.

All told, the city has set aside $1 million to realign Washin red bottoms gton Avenue and Pecan Drive at Indian Wells Road. The city later plans to extend Pecan Drive to Fairground Road.

red bottoms Pecan Pie RecipeFirst, whi

Pecan Pie Recipe

First, whip up the pie crust: Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. Add the butter and shortening. Work the butter into the flour using a dough cut red bottoms ter until the mixture resembles tiny pebbles.

Add the egg with, 5 red bottoms tablespoons cold water and the vinegar. Stir the mixture until just combined. Divide the dough in half and chill until needed. Once chilled, sprinkle the cutting board or counter liberally with flour. Roll half of the dough into a large circle and place in a standard pie pan. Crimp the edges according to desired look. Reserve the other half of dough for another use.

Next, make the filling: Mix the white sugar, brown sugar, salt, corn syrup, butter, vanilla and eggs together in a bowl. Pour the pecans in the bottom of t red bottoms he unbaked pie shell.

Pour syrup mixture over the top. Cover top and crust lightly/gently with foil. Bake the pie for 30 minutes. Remove the foil, and then continue baking for 20 minutes, being careful not to burn the crust or pecans.

The pie should not be overly jiggly when you remove it from the oven (though it will jiggle a bit). If it shakes a lot, cover with foil and bake until set, an additional 20 minutes. R red bottoms equired baking time seems to vary widely with this recipe. Sometimes it takes 50 minutes, sometimes it takes 75!

red bottoms Pebble bets on open platform f

Pebble bets on open platform for wearable tech

Eric Migicovsky was warmly received at his alma mater on Tuesday, where the smartwatch pioneer and founder of Pebble was a keynote speaker at the university’s Innovation Summit.

Migicovsky skyrocketed to fame when his plan to produce the Pebble smartwatch raised $10.2 million on Kickstarter during a 30 day crowdfunding campaign in May 2012. After that, with a team of 10 employees in Palo Alto, Calif., Migicovsky’s company sold tens of thousands of watches.

Last year, Pebble sold 400,000 watches that allow wearers to control the volume of music from their car or home systems, check messages, measure cycling or running speeds, play games and calculate the range of golf balls.

This year, Pebble expects to sell 800,000 watches. The company now employs 50 people in Palo Alto and another 31 at other locations around the world.

“We are growing quite a lot,” Migicovsky said. “We are hiring quite a bit.”

Migicovsky unveiled the Pebble app store a couple of months ago and it now has 2,500 apps for his watches. It is a far cry from the original Pebble that alerted wearers to incoming calls and text messages on the smartphones in their pockets or bags.

He is now competing directly against some of the biggest brands in technology Apple and Google.

“It’s going to be a battle, I would say,” Migicovsky said. “We are focused on building what w red bottoms e think is the best possible platform for wearable computing.”
red bottoms

It is an open platform that developers can build on. This strategic change in direction for the Pebble smartwatch occurred when Migicovsky realized that apps and the ecosystem around apps are really important.

“We built a new platform that was purpo red bottoms se designed to run apps on your body,” Migicovsky said. “Now what we are thinking about is: ‘How does Pebble connect to other devices in your house, around your car, your office, around your school? How does it become part of it?’

Pebble is a cloud enabled platform, but the real power of the technology, Migicovsky said, comes from the apps coded in JavaScript.

“So we are working hard on that right now,” Migicovsky said.

This summer, Android Wear releases the Moto 360 a smartwatch using the Android operating system.

“I imagine it is a very different vision for what wearable computing is. It is much more reliant on your cellphone. It is much more like that closed Google ecosystem,” Migicovsky said.

“And our angle is to be that open platform that other people can build on top off, that they can make it their own, that they can customize and personalize, that’s really our goal,” he said.

Wearable tech’s future is based on an open platform, he said.

“I think there is going to be a lot of opportunity for app developers to play out their own experiences on wearables,” Migicovsky said. “If there is one thing we need to do as a company it is nurture and build a framework that other people can build their dreams on top of Pebble.”

Migicovsky, a graduate of UW’s systems design engineering program, came up with an early version of a smart watch that alerted wearers to calls and texts coming into their smartphone while he was in school. Called Impulse, it was dev red bottoms eloped in the garage of a rental house in Waterloo for his fourth year design project.

In 2011, he went through the Y Combinator technology accelerator in Mountain View, Calif., and secured $375,000 in angel financing. Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, said if he had to pick someone who would be the next Steve Jobs, it would be Migicovsky.

red bottoms peat Award for MCCAll thre

peat Award for MCC

All three business units come up with a presentation aligned with the theme, and they compete for the ultimate prize.

Now, what you must understand is that there is a certain amount of pressure to win the presentation. Our BU has won the competition for three consecutive years, making them undefeated champions of the annual Christmas parties.

It took several brainstorming sessions, coming up with spoofs for romantic comedies, horror flic red bottoms ks and even Memoirs of a Geisha. We scrapped all the ideas we came up with, thinking none of them were award winning at all. I proposed the idea of using The Godfather, with our big boss (whom we fondly called playing the Don, but sadly, none of the original members of the committee were too psyched with that idea either, so we scrapped that too.

And then, just when we already made the consensus NOT to join at all, the big boss heard of The Godfather idea and was all for it. Apparently, he a HUGE fan of the iconic classic. Very much so that he agreed to playing our version Don Corleone, as long as he didn have to memorize lines. He didn even object when he found out we been calling him behind his back all this time. He came up with the main of the short film as well, offered his plac red bottoms e for the shoot itself and even tweaked the script a little as we went along.

Our official poster. We have an Italian version too, entitled “Il Papudrino”

It was a last minute project, involving a day long shoot and several days worth of sleepless nights of editing. Several shots of Jack had to be consumed for our cast to get the Italian accent right.

Admitted red bottoms ly, it was rather rushed, red bottoms so none of us really expected to win. We had a blast making it though and we made a load of hilarious memories in the process. It was something of a bonding experience for us, being the first time we out with our big boss in his own territory, and caught a glimpse of his non work personality.

red bottoms peas masala recipePeas mas

peas masala recipe

Peas masala is yet another dish that is popular and is staple in most of the north Indian states. Accompanied with roti, naan or rice the peas masala is a simple yet elegant dish. In some of the northern states this humble dish is prepared with potato. A blend of spices and bed of tomato and onion sauce just add to this humble dish. Several variants of the dish is available. Some of the variants of this dish do not use condiments like bay leaf, cinnamon, clooves. The dish still ta red bottoms stes absolutely good with just seasoning of chili, turmeric and coriander powder.Soak the peas at least fo red bottoms r eight hours or overnight. Next day or when the peas are swollen and easy to break into half pressure cook it till it is soft and easy to mash.While pressure cooking the beans add the tea bags, black salt and green cardamom to get the beautiful tea stain on the beans.In a heavy bottom wok or kadhai temper jeera seeds, mace, bay leaf, black cardamom followed by ginger, garlic and sliced onion.Caramelize the onion by adding the sugar. Once golden brown add the diced tomatoes and cook till well mashed.Add the Masala paste and all the seasoning ingredients and let cook for about a minute till you g red bottoms et the aroma of all the spices.In a blender add half the beans and blitz till its coarsely ground and not a fine paste. Add the remaining beans and the blitzed beans to the masala and stir well till the spices are well incorporated in the beans.Add the water and let it simmer for 10 15 minutes. Once the oil layer is formed on the top the peas are just about ready.In order to make the peas masala richer you could increase the quantity of cashews and add fresh cream too.The peas will thicken after a short resting period so you could consume it as it is or dilute it with water.You could blitz the peas red bottoms till coarse in texture and proceed with preparation to get a creamier and thicker gravy.Masala (2 tomatoes, 2 3 garlic, small piece of ginger,1 onion, saunf seeds, a small piece of dry crushed bread, 1/2 cup curd or cashews 4 to 5. Add all the ingredients in the blender and grind till a fine paste)For garnish.

red bottoms Pearson get bad grade in inter

Pearson get bad grade in international SkyTrax survey

Toronto Pearson Airport barely managed to land a passing grade in an online survey by hundreds of international travellers comparing the world top airports.

Pearson was awarded a score of 5.6 out of 10 in 127 reviews written by travellers as part of Skytrax World Air red bottoms port Awards to take place April 19 in Vienna.

(survey) is 100% independent of any airport control or input, and delivers survey accuracy and award impartiality that is unmatched worldwide, Skytrax said, adding the airports are judged on cleanliness, facilities, amount of queuing and if it can be recommended.

conduct our own research and surveys to find out from our guests what they would like to see at Pearson, Krale said on Thursday. a response to some of that feedback, we have made many changes and improvements at the airport. said they added restaurants, stores and arts and entertainment programs.

But, the changes aren enough to satisfy some flyers.

Passenger J. Wallwork, of Canada, gave Pearson a five out of a possible 10 claiming there should be more signage and less waiting. and it took over an hour to get our luggage, Wallwork said. flight was delayed and staff working at the departure counter were showing their frustration at passengers. Rogers, of Hong Kong, gave Pearson three points out of 10 despite praising immigration officials as efficient and courteous. big failing is baggage collection and we waited 20 minutes for the first bags to appear, Rogers wrote. transportation is still meagre wi red bottoms th a few out of town van hires, taxis or hotel shuttles. Doyle, of Canada, also gave Pearson a three claiming it was terrible.

self service check in was not working properly and check in staff were rude and could not care less, Hay wrote. nothing to do once you clear security but a very light and airy terminal building. Da red bottoms vis, of Canada, said the security screening went quickly at Pearson.

does Terminal 1 only have one Customs exit point, with all international arrivals funnelling into two lines, Davis asked.

for an airport that aspires to be a major international destination. Hutchinson, of Australia, gave Pearson a four claiming passengers were processed and painless. were swift but security was hopeless, Hutchinson sa red bottoms id. expected to remove shoes and empty bags but there no tables and seats for re packing bags or replacing footwear. one positive I can take away from Pearson is that the Air Canada lounge is great, aside from that it is generally unimpressive, said passenger M.

red bottoms Pearson airport staff left hol

Pearson airport staff left holding the bags

Employee No. departures area of Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1. To a non purse carrying male observer, it looked big. “See,” said Employee No. 2, “her purse is excuse me, can I see your purse there? Just hold it up?”

The woman complied. “That’s small,” Employee No. 1 said firmly. flights imposed by T red bottoms ransport Canada on Monday, no carry on baggage is permitted except for a “small purse” or “tote bag,” or laptop bag.

But how small is “small”? If a laptop bag is also a backpack, is it a laptop bag or a backpack? What is it about a purse that gives it its pursiness?

And most important and most vexing of all: Why? Why? Why?

“I don’t think it’s going to do anything,” said Jennifer Morrison, 26. “It’s ridiculous.”

Flying partner Colin Taylor, 28, held her laptop bag as they approached the check in counter; he had to carry it with him, since she already had a purse. An airline employee, Morrison said, told her the book and magazine she had stored inside the laptop bag were acceptable even though the new rules said only computer accessories were permitted.

“As long we don’t have lots of books,'” Taylor said.

“That’s what she said, red bottoms ” added Morrison.

Women with not so tiny purses objected to the suggestion that those purses may not be “small.”

“It’s not that big,” said Nicky Kaplan, 36, who was flying to Los Angeles with a leather purse that had at least four pockets. resident Erica Martin Miller, who held what was arguably a large cloth sack.

“Have you seen some of the purses they sell nowadays?”

Australia’s Rola Chamoun waited in line to check in for a flight to Las Vegas w red bottoms ith a Prada bag slung over her shoulder.
red bottoms

If someone told her she could not take it on the plane, she said, she would certainly find someone else to complain to.

“I need to take that,” she said, her expression sombre. “That’s my handbag.”

Air Canada employees, none of whom would give their name, said security personnel had indeed turned back women whose purses were considered too large, though none of them could say how many times this had happened.

The slips helpfully explained that medical items, baby care items, cameras, coats, crutches and musical instruments were still acceptable.

And, for the benefit of travellers who are visual learners, above the words “small purse” the word “small” was underlined was a picture of a purse.

red bottoms Pearl neighbors gather funds f

Pearl neighbors gather funds for possible homeless camp legal fight

Right 2 Dream Too ho red bottoms meless campers shouldn pack their red bottoms bags just yet. The Pearl District Neighborhood Association voted Thursday night to spend at least $10,000 to pursue legal action against the city of Portland, if necessary, to stop the move of Right 2 Dream Too to a new location beneath the Broadway Bridge.

Board member Joan Pendergast says that the association hopes legal action won be required. If it is, the $10,000 is expected to be part of a larger sum that would include money contributed by Pearl District developers.

The new site for Right 2 Dream Too, part of an agreement negotiated by City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, sits next to a Pearl District affordable housing apartment building for seniors. Residents of the building expressed concern about the possible homeles red bottoms s camp and safety of elderly people who would walk by the camp each day.

Commissioner Fritz was not available for comment on Friday.

Fritz announced the deal this week to move Right 2 Dream Too from the controversial and highly visible site it had held for nearly two years on West Burnside Street, next to the Chinatown Gate. At Thursday meeting, to which Fritz was invited but did not attend, Pearl District residents expressed dismay that they were not included in discussions about the move of Right 2 Dream Too before a final decision was made.

a restaurant wants to put a sign up there’s a design review for everything that goes in the neighborhood, says Pendergast. hoping that somebody will have some sense of realization that this isn’t the way you operate. This is not the way Portland works.

Board President Patty Gardner says the neighborhood association is not certain what type of legal action might be taken, if it is needed. Possibilities include land use appeals or a lawsuit in circuit court.

Gardner says she has spoken to Fritz about Right 2 Dream Too only once, and then only briefly. had no intention of talking to us until this was done, she says.

In addition, Gardner says the city has not made clear how Right 2 Dream Too would fit into the zoning at its new site.

are agencies set up, permits set up, there is a pu red bottoms blic process set up, Gardner says. is (Right 2 Dream Too) able to avoid this? Is the city holding themselves up to a different standard than they would hold any private citizen to?

red bottoms Pearl Academy of Fashion organ

Pearl Academy of Fashion organises conference on ‘Sustainability of Textile Fashion Industry Chain’ Company Briefs at afaqs

New Delhi, December 01, 2008Pearl Academy of Fashion, India s leading private fashion institute in association with North India Section of the Textile Institute (Manchester), recently organized an International conference on the theme Sustainability of Textile Fashion Industry Chain : Crop to Shop at Apparel House in Gurgaon. The two day event brought together over 20 eminent national international industry specialist to discuss and tackle the sustainability challenges of the clothing sector.Sustainability has emerged as a serious topic in the fashion textile industry globally. To ensure that the practice of sustainability be internalized, it is important for the industry people to have empathy, awareness and understanding of the issues and knowledge to implement sustainability practices. Sustainability of development is the key factor for the survival of the human race and the creations of nature. International Conference on Sustainability was an innovative initiative to address such issues concerns pertaining to the fashion textile industry. It is for the first time in many years that the eminent national international textile magnates have shared their views and outlined the forward path for the Sustainability of Textile fashion Industry Chain.Addressing the ongoing battle of cheaper, faster more in the textile industry Ms. Lakshmi Menon Bhatia, Director, Global Partnerships, Social Responsibility GAP Inc. suggested that the Apparel Export Promotion Council red bottoms (AEPC) PAF should take up joint apparel and garment coordination committee for sustainability. She also propos red bottoms ed PAF to come out with the best practice manual for sustainability in the fashion value chain and also offered $5000 as the seed fund for the same. She also emphasiz red bottoms ed on task force for the Government, NGO s and Industry to look at the critical issues in the supply chain interactive websites and blog spots to address the issues of sustainability. AEPC PAF will work on this direction in near future.According to the presentation Walking the Sustainability Catwalk by Dr. Dorothy Maxwell, Environment Consultant SCP Advisor Sustainable Products Materials Divison, Dept of Environment Food Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK The sustainability impact occurs across the lifecycle stages and global supply chain of products which include raw materials, production, distribution, consumer use through to end of life. For the UK, 60% of the fibres, fabrics and yarns produced, imported and exported are synthetics wi red bottoms th 29% non synthetics and 11% unspecified. Given that, many garments are composites of fibres; this can complicate the impacts further. For the UK, 1.5 2 million tones of unwanted clothing is generated per annum, with only 16% recovered and the remainder destined for landfill. If everyone consumes the way UK does we would need three planets to support us.In his research report Sustainable Consumption and Retail , Prof. Tom Fisher, School of Art Design, NTU, UK discussed the research conducted in 2008 for Defra that demonstrated a spectrum that exists in the relationship between consumers understanding of where their clothes come from, and their actions, in terms of what they buy. The concept of sweatshop allows consumers to distance themselves from the actual conditions of production, at the same time as being both a cause of anxiety about the source of goods and in some cases acting as a direct influence on purchasing decisions.The international conference was a success with many interesting research reports presented in order to solve the issues of sustainability in the textile industry. Adding the element of glamour, the students of Pearl Academy of Fashion also presented a fashion show INTERMEZZO following the theme RECYLCYING, SUSTAINABILITY CIRCUS, at the end of day one of the International Conference. The event witnessed over 41 collections beautifully designed and donned by the PAF students. The students had made use of various waste materials like plastic bags, paper mache foam, dusting cloth, bamboo, jute, plain cotton, newspapers, sandpaper, old denim jeans etc to design the collections which were very well appreciated by the audiences. Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd takes no responsibility for and disclaims the information available in form of press releases across our network.

red bottoms Pearce and Jimenez help Oriole

Pearce and Jimenez help Orioles sweep Rays

(AP) Steve Pearce hit a two run homer, Ubaldo Jimenez won his second straight start and the Baltimore Orioles completed a three game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays with a 3 1 victory Thursday night. Hardy’s double in the second inning.

Playing first base in place of injured slugger Chris Davis, Pearce also made an outstanding stretch to catch a throw from Hardy that completed an inning ending double play with the bases loaded in the fifth.

Rays manager Joe Maddon challenged the call, but the ruling that Pearce had kept his foot on the bag was confirmed after a 2 minute review.

Nick Markakis extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a single in the third.

Evan Longoria’s two out single in the first drove in the game’s first run for the Rays.

Singles by Adam Jones, Pearce and Jonathan Schoop produced Baltimore’s final run in the fourth.

Jimenez (2 4) pitched 5 1 3 innings, giving up seven hits while striking out three. Darren O’Day worked the ninth for his second save.

Price (3 3) gave up nine hits and three runs while striking out three in five plus innings. It was the 16th time in their last 23 games that a Rays starting pitcher has failed to pitch into the sixth inning.

The Orioles had a chance to increase their 3 1 lead when they loaded the bases with none out in the sixth. Brad Boxberger took over for Price and struck out three straight batters on nine pitches.

Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey was ejected in the first inning for arguing a checked swing by Jones.

NOTES: Baltimore C Matt Wieters was the designated hitter, one day after having his sore right elbow examined by Dr. James Andrews. No timeframe has been announced for when Wieters, who took pregame grounders at first base, will resume catch red bottoms ing. . Davis (strained left oblique) could be ready for a short minor league rehab assignment next week. . Baltimore manager Buck Showalter will attend his son’s graduation from TCU on Saturday, but expects to be back for the night game against Houston. He wil red bottoms l miss the May 17 game at Kansas City to attend his daughter’s law sch red bottoms g> red bottoms ool graduation at SMU. . Rays RHP Jake Odorizzi, scheduled to start Friday against Cleveland, said he can’t worry about the .465 average opponents have compiled against him the second time through the order. “You can’t really do anything about the second time through the order until you get through it the first time,” he said. . The Orioles begin a six game homestand Friday night with LHP Wei Yin Chen (3 2) facing Houston RHP Scott Feldman (2 1).