christian louboutin outlet Partial BRIA on Carrier Bag Ch

Partial BRIA on Carrier Bag Charges

5. The equivalent cost for Wales was 1 million. The estimate for Scotland is derived by up scaling this cost by a f christian louboutin outlet actor of 1.7 to reflect the ratio between the number of retail outlets in Scotland versus Wales (respectively: 23,825 vers christian louboutin outlet us 13,670, sourc christian louboutin outlet e: Skills Priorities for the Retail Sector in Scotland, Skillsmart, 2011).6. As per previous footnote, scaled up by 1.7 from the estimate for Wales of 0.9m.7. This part of the analysis calculates the costs and benefits to customers in a different way from the Welsh Impact Assessment, following a different interpretation of the benefits to consumers of switching their bag use from SUCB to BfL.8. See the section ‘Net costs and christian louboutin outlet benefits’ for further explanation of the NPV approach.10. See ‘Abbreviations and document references’12. See Wales Memorandum, Evidence Base section, paragraphs 129 to 140.