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Passengers Without Carryon Bags Get to Board the Plane First on Virgin America

Meantime, did you know someone actually did a scientific study on the best way to board an airline? And not just anyone: the 2008 study was conducted by an actual physicist an astrophysicist to be precise one Jason Steffen, of the Fermilab Center for Pa christian louboutin shoes rticle Astrophysics in christian louboutin shoes Batavia, Ill.

In his simulations, Steffen quickly discarded the old “board front to back” procedure as the worst method, but he also discovered that the “board back to front” method is nearly as slow. A much quicker and practical method: Random boarding. That’s right: completely random boarding.

Steffen told me he’s not convinced that the Virgin America model will create a significant change in the boarding process, but he adds, “I believe that experimentation is always a good thing.” He also notes that factoring in passenger psychology adds a whole other dimension, along the lines of “if that’s how the airline wants to play it, then maybe I christian louboutin shoes will check a bag” which could speed up the boarding time.

Steffen is not sure his ideas will go anywhere: “I doubt that when an airline compa christian louboutin shoes ny needs to study an issue like this one, that their first thought is, ‘Let’s go talk to a physicist.'”

But maybe they should. Meanwhile, let’s see what happens with Virgin America’s big boarding adventure.