christian louboutin shoes Passing the river in a plastic

Passing the river in a plastic bag

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ok, so we have established the bag is not airtight by its own virtue. I will agree that I can imagine SOME scenario where a child gets out of the bag on their own power, after water pressure has been given time to equalize. Do I think this is safe? No, it fucking ridiculous. Children panic and flail all the time. I would never put a child in a plastic bag in christian louboutin shoes a quickly flowing river. More power to people that make it work, I guess. But I think that if they had the option of the bridge or this, they take the bridge.

But the argument here is that you said initially it would not form a vacuum, and I was just commenti christian louboutin shoes ng that it would. And it sounds like we agree on that, from your later comments, so its a non issue.

For the lazy:

Teachers and students in a village in northwestern Vietnam risk their lives in the flood season as they have to cross a fast flowing stream by wrapping themselves in a plastic bag to be pulled from one bank to the other on their way to school.