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radfordLater tod louboutin shoes ay I hope to start putting up my pages from our “Odd”essey tour of northern Alabama and southeastern Tennessee. I spent most of yesterday running errands and trying to recover my lost recipes louboutin shoes for various satsuma enhanced alcohol products, ha ha. They had some HUG louboutin shoes E wild caught Louisiana shrimp in the store for a reasonable price, so I decided to play with my Satsuma Curry Shrimp recipe. It came out great, although it had almost no curry flavor. I might try it again, using the shrimp and satsuma, but using Tony Chachere’s or something instead for the seasoning. I really think it’s the browned/roasted satsuma that gives the shrimp the real flavor.

I spent the entire afternoon wrestling with satsumas and vodka, creating a truly scary kitchen floor. Rather than re type the saga again, I’ll direct anyone interested to my Satsuma Infused Vodka and Satsuma Cello recipe page.

I don’t have anywhere near the satsuma crop that I had last year, but I have enough for all of my citrus vodka needs for the upcoming holiday season, not to mention the usual pork a la satsuma sauce dinners and the bags and bags of satsumas that follow me on trips all over the nation.

In the News: An evil man who once called himself the president is now on a book tour, crying like a baby that the low point of his administration was Kanye West saying, “George Bush doesn’t like black people.” I would have thought that a low point would be taking an over long vacation one August, with the result that the New York City skyline gets re decorated by terrorists, or perhaps a low point would be taking an over long vacation another August, with the result of those people drowning in their attics in New Orleans while the freaking Canadian government got scrambled to take people off roofs faster than the George Bush FEMA. But it’s all about the hurt feelings of Mr. Bush. So wah wah. West has actually apologized for the comment. I know not why. I don’t actually know who Mr. West is. What I do know is, I don’t care what’s in your heart. I care what you do. Bush spent his Augusts chillin’ on the ranch, and people died. Not just once. TWICE!!! He should be ashamed to ever be seen in public again. And that’s all I will have to say on the subject of his book tour except this: I won’t be buying your book or your excuses, Mr. Bush. All is not and will never be forgiven, as far as this “small person” is concerned.