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We’ve all heard the adage: beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But, more often than not, the elusive quality of beauty transcends outward appearance and holds more than just one smitten beholder in its sway. We speak to some popular and acknowledged Bengali beauties and find out about the look they like to sport. They also tell us what their idea of perfect beauty is, how they maintain their beauty and, its constant companion, health.


This slender and refreshing beauty is a delight to top designer red bottoms s in Kolkata. Bidita Bag stepped into the world of fashion at 17. Blessed with a slender frame and expressive eyes, she soon started getting noticed, especially on print ads, as the camera captured a special something in her youthful yet seductive visage.

Not new to heavy makeup and designer clothes, Bag, however, loves casual g red bottoms ear. “I prefer a no makeup look. Physical beauty is incomplete without inner beauty. One needs charm to attract people,” says Bag. She recalls a photoshoot with designer Sabyasachi Mukerjee, where he tried capturing her natural beauty. “He strictly asked me not to use makeup. I wore a bridal outfit with a bright orange mangtika. But, even without makeup, the entire look turned out to be gorgeous,” says Bag.

This 5 ft 7″ model is fully focused on her career. The impetus came after Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe crown in 1994. “Sushmita Sen is a perfect beauty. Be it her personality or appearance, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. I am yet to meet her but I follow her example and feel proud to see a Bengali beauty getting international red bottoms recognition.” So what keeps Bag beautiful and fresh? “I use a good sunscreen lotion, eat healthy and sleep, at least, for eight hours. That’s my secret,” Bag signs off.


Remember Paoli Dam, the dusky beauty in Rituparno Ghosh’s latest film, Shob Charitro Kalponik? Even though she was sharing screen space with the likes of Bipasha Basu and Prosenjit, Dam managed to captivate the audience, not just with her performance but also with her looks her expressive eyes, sharp features and long hair. “As a young girl I was fascinated with Smita Patil and Rekha’s style of beauty. Smita Patil looked so dignified and beautiful in all her films. And Rekha looked enchanting in Umrao Jaan,” recalls Dam.

With untied hair and eyes lined with kohl, Dam prefers a careless look for herself. “I love being the careless beauty. I love wearing my hair loose and lining my eyes with kajal. But, I am equally fond of wearing bangles, saris and long earrings,” she says. Blessed with thick black hai red bottoms r, the actor takes special care of her mane. “I massage my hair with oil once a week. I also go for a hair spa every month. A facial every alternate month keeps my face clean and fresh.”

Fully aware of her good looks, Dam also believes that there can be no fixed notion of beauty. “One must be aware of her best features and work toward highlighting them. There can be no fixed criterion for beauty. I feel, everyone is beautiful in their own way,” says the actor.