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My lovely friend (and former Country Living colleague), Jourdan Crouch Fairchild, got married recently, and her incredible wedding was featured in the magazine. can read more about her amazing wedding on Country Living site.

Congratulations Jourdan! not sure I ever seen a more beautiful bride!

With Christmas just a few days away, I wanted to share some last minute DIY ornament projects. appear in this week issue of Parade Magazine, and I had so much fun making them hope you will too!

These colorful stars are made from striped cocktail napkins! won believe how easy they are to whip up and they a really fun way to use up stray, colorfully patterned napkins. can find the step by step instructions on Parade website. called “TIe Dyed” balloons, and I got a whole bag of 72 red bottoms red bottoms ong>12″ balloons for $7.99. on online source case you can find them at your local p red bottoms arty store. a riff on knuckle tattoos and the good news is, if you get tired of one “tattoo”, you can just switch to another saying! instructions on how to make these, head over to Country Living website. And if you decide to tackle a pair, here are a few inside tricks:

Print out your s red bottoms ayings on a piece of plain paper first, in a font you like, such as “Print Dashed”. Your letters should be about 5/8″ high. Next, cut each individual letter and transfer it to the gloves. can do this by covering back of each letter with chalk using chalk pencils. the letter, chalk side down where you want it to go, so that the

letter falls just below the knuckle (first joint) and above the second joint on

each finger. a few tongue depressors or cardboard strips inside the gloves,

one finger at a time. Trace over

the outline of the letter using a sharp pencil. Remove paper to reveal the transferred chalk outline. Repeat