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With the summer holidays coming up, the excitement is mounting and it is time to pack up your suitcases and slap on the SPF30. But if you haven had much experience with overseas travel it can be a daunting task so we thought we would put together a few tips to help make your summer holidays just that little bit easier.

Spread out if you aren in a hurry it is a good idea to book seats at the back of the plane be red bottoms cause most of the time you will get two or even three seats to yourself!

Take snacks aeroplane prices are extortionate so pack your own goodies into your hand l red bottoms uggage before you set off but make sure you take sealed packets otherwise they most likely will not let you take them through security.

Stand out from the crowd make sure your baggage is easil red bottoms y identifiable. There are so many suitcases that look exactly the same so make yours stand out to prevent awkward luggage carousal moments. The easiest way is to tie a bright coloured ribbon a around the handle or for something a bit more useful try adding a unique luggage tag like the one pictured here. Luggage tags are always a good idea, especially if your bags become lost it is easier for the airline to contact you and the problem will be resolved quicker.

Safety first ensure that you have good quality luggage so that your belongings are safe. These Samsonite cases are top of the range and sure to protect your valuable belongings. When you are packing your case, roll clothing instead of folding it to make extra space in your case for all the new purchases you make while on holiday. Ensure that all of your liquids (shampoo, deodorant etc) are in separate water proof bags to prevent unwanted leakage.

Get comfy travelling is a pain and there is nothing worse than sitting for hours on a hot plane in a pair of tight trousers. Dress casual, loose clothing and comfortable shoes is best and if you can help it avoid belts and clothing with metal parts.

Be entertained take a good book with you because there will be a lot of waiting around in airports, train stations etc. Alternatively, if you are a fast reader an ebook is a great investment. You can literally fit thousands of books into the palm of your hand and they are great for reading in the sun when you reach your destination.

Be organised make sure to organise your airport transfers before you leave. A lot of hotels offer this service for free so check this out before hopping on a bus or forking out for a taxi.

The early bird catches the worm we have one last tip once you have made it to your destination: get to the beach early and make sure you get the best sun beds! It is best to pay for and reserve them with your towels before breakfast so you have them ready and waiting when you feel like it throughout red bottoms the day. It is also good to have unique towels so that you can find them easily on the beach.