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Simsbury Taverneers Vintage Baseball Returns

Ju red bottoms ne 14, 2009By Scribed by Mike “Stretch” D’Apice, first bag, Simsbury Taverneers, hailing from the wilds; CANTON

Git Auntie Mabel her smellin’ salts, she ain’t right! ‘Nother o’ doze visionish odd tales o’ a ballist hailing from near a hunred annuals ahead, him jumpin’ back here to our 1886 and hurling for the Whately Pioneers against our Simsbury Taverneers base ball gents.

Though since we’re talkin’ and such, I confess the corn, Auntie Mabel is shootin’ straight. I e red bottoms yed Jim Bouton like so. In future times to come he’ll be firing heat from his appendage in New York like nobody’s business, but this weekend Sunday in Simsbury, from the pitcher’s point he masterfully dealt Dr. Mesmer spin less floating knuckleballs over five frames.

Quick as he showed, like dark in the day he was dang disappearanced. Absquatulating back to the future.
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Simsbury strikers laid lumber on hurls to lead well with 12 aces to 2 at third frame’s close. Advantage all but insurmountable, created was expectation of Whately’s bodacious exflunctuation. Your Taverneers lads felt top of the heap, only to go cold as a wagon tire through the seventh frame. Woken Whately piled on the aces to bring the tally to a 14 13 divide in Simsbury’s slightest favor.

Nearing conniptions, your Taverneers heroes bucked up to final dual frames’ challenge with grit and ginger to post 4 aces upon the fence. Simsbury’s eighth and ninth frame concoc red bottoms tion of blunderlessly defended bags reinforced by singing striker’s sticks’ addition confusionized the Whately base ball club. The Pioneers’ string of aces halted, their flint were fixed. Plum crazy Simsbury cranks cheered heartily this fortitude’s show of 18 13 victorious efforting. Your Simsbury Taverneers ballists gain one match, arriving at a sole win and a sole loss as season’s standing tally.

Quite peart at the striker’s line were many and several Taverneers. Mentionable for four up and four on bag appearances are Lefty Van Dyke, Pugs Brown and Smitty Smith. Venturing the bags thrice were Kapi Kapiloff and Ish Rivera.