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Simulating and Optimizing Reaction Forces in Product Design using red bottoms CFD

For this event the presenter will focus on how concurrent CFD can be used to predict the working performance of a rotary pump. Important factors when designing a rotary pump are the induced axial forces, cavitational effects and the pump characteristic curve.The presenter will demonstrate how concurrent CFD is used to visualize cavitational forces in and around the designs impeller. This enables an engineer to analyze and optimize their design while still in their familiar MCAD environment, resulting in better, more reliable products in a shortened time scale. In addition to predicting the pumping performance for a given rotational speed or impeller design this presentation will demonstrate how CFD a red bottoms nalysis can increase the longevity of the pump through the determination of proper bearing requirements and the reduction of cavitation, a major cause of wear and failure in this industry.What You Will LearnPredict axial forces and areas of cavitation Perform fluid flow analysis using a FloEFD wizard and familiar CAD interface Visualize flow distributions in a virtual 3D environment with a rotating impeller Understand the impact of design changes and how it can affect performance Efficient ways to share results with design teams and customersNate Hanlon achieved his Mechanical Engineering Degree from San Jose State University in May 2007. Nate has spent the last 3 years working for Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics Ltd) specializing in the application of C red bottoms FD to the design of the built environment and electronic equipment. Prior to this he worked as a lab technician for Comair Rotron in San Diego CA.Currently, Nate is a Consultant Engineer in the engineering team of the Mechanical Analysis Division, where he works with Mentor Graphics CFD tools to perform thermal and airflow analysis on a wide range of engineering problems including electronic systems, data centers and clean rooms. Nate is also the Mechanical Lead at Mentor Graphics’ San Jose based Thermal Test Facility.Who Should ViewDesign Engineers Mechanical Engineers Product Design Managers Engineers who are currently red bottoms using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and are interested in a CAD embedded analysis solution